My brand new Plex 40/12/40a won't read

Hi all!
I have the following problem:
My Plex keeps spinning while tryin to read Soldier Of Fortune original CD that i got a year ago with my ASUS v7700 GF2 card.
My other drive is readin it with no problems.
I have the latest ASPI drivers installed and XP Pro!
what could it be?I have no other problems with it it reads even key2audio and burns GREAT!
thx in advance

Have you tried creating an image of Soldier of Fortune by having your other drive read the original CD, and then writing the image with your Plex? I would think the backup CD would then work in your Plex drive without a problem, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the Plex drive reading the original CD when you want to play the game. Just a thought.

And to answer your question…I don’t really know why your Plex won’t read the original. :confused:

yes i’ve tried that,it’s workin ok that way.But i’m worried why my plexie won’t read the cd @ all?

Perhaps the original disc is scratched or smudged?

Well it looks just like it came from the store now!No single scratch…maybe it is just bad mofo :slight_smile:
I made a copy with clone cd and it works fine…dunno wtf…

Perhaps this is your problem :confused: