My brand new NEC 3520a "hangs" when burning =(

I just bought a NEC 3520a today to replace my old Pioneer A105 burner.

The first dvd iso I tried to burn with it stopped at 71%, Nero was reported as still responding but I couldnt cancel or open up the drive. A reboot was needed to be able to open the drive and toss the fubared dvd out. I thought that it maybe was badluck combined with old firmware so I updated to Liggy & Dee 3520 1.UB Quiet firmware. Second burn also failed with the same problem, hangs (now at 19%) and I cant open the drive without a reboot. Note that Nero doesnt report any error, it just stops burning =(

Im using Datawrite Red V2 4x -R discs, Ive bought new 8x +R discs but I want to use up my old discs first. Does the 3520a dislike the Datawrite discs or what? I dont wanna try another disc before I know whats going on.

some stats on my stuff

Windows XP Pro SP2+latest patches/updates
AthlonXP 2ghz on a Abit KG7
Nero burning rom 6
1gb ram

Any idea whats going on?

Hi hobsOn
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Those DataWrite discs can be troublesome
Try one of your +R discs and see if this cures the problem.
You should also check you have DMA mode 2 enabled for your IDE controller and try Microsofts default IDE drivers.

Yeah I posted on a few other forums and got the same reply, sucks that the computer store says the datawrite discs are good quality… =( People told me to install latest Nero, disable XPs builtin write thingy, move it to the master part of the cable(why would this matter?) and a few other tips. They all sound good to you?

Thanx for replying. :slight_smile:

Providing DMA mode2 is set and default Microsoft IDE drivers are used. Also add a good quality 80 conductor IDE cable, it doesn’t matter if the drive is Master or Slave. Mines is Master, but it works just as well as Slave.