My boss will kill me

Hello to everybody. This is my first thread to this great forum. As you imagine i need some help. I sucesfully backup my original games, in order to use them at the pc of my work. I used, clony, alcoholer and alcohol 120%. After the backup procedure i am able to install and play the games from the backup dvd. I want to know if i can delete the created image from my HD because my boss will kill me if he see the hd drive so full. Another question is about something strange. Using the programs i mentioned above i can backup my games only in DVD-RW and not in DVD-R. The maximum i obtained using a DVD-R is being able to play but not install the game from it. In one case my computer crashed and was not responding with the DVD-R inserted and i had to restart it plugging of the supply. THANK YOU in advance and sorry for the big text.

Why not if you are bored. Instead of coming in with Doom3 or what not with GigaBytes’s of data foir the game. Just take a USB pen drive with an emulator and a bunch of classics for that machine on it.

I guarentee you if you took in Zsnes and Mario Allstars or RocknRoll racing you will be having hours of fun with lesser chance of being caught as your pen drive when installed via usb will be acting as the hard drive to run the games off.

But i suspect if you are on a system computer he will definitely know what you are doing if you are running stuff from the hard drive. As he will likely have an adminstrator account that can see and look at everything on the computer. If it is a standalone you have less chances of getting caught. Unless you have tweaked his suspission, as to why “go on take that alien monster” keeps coming out of your room.

If it were me i would do the pen drive idea!.


Sorry for my ignorance. You mean that i wiil not be able to play the games using only the backup DVD with the image removed from the HD. Thank you for your help anyway.
I have a usb pen but i want to play the real thing and not some of the classics you mentioned.

If you have already burned your working backups, then you can delete the images from the HDD, just make sure your backups work first. :iagree:

After you solve your current issue, you should try to find a bosskey program, some of the old school PC games had them in the control config. A boss key is a hotkey that can automatically and almost instantly hide a window on your computer.

Heres a free one:

Heres a shareware one:

*note: I have not tested or verified either of the above programs.

I’m sure there are many more…I would use one if playing games at work, because alt+tab doesn’t work on some games.