My BIOS is dead



I’m not sure how old these messages are but I really need some help. I also own a T4150 Emachine. My BIOS has gone corrupt and of course Emachine and FIC both dont want to help, they just want to sell me a new computer. I need a copy of the BIOS really badly. If you could e-mail me ( I can guide you through the process of getting a copy for me. Please help and thankyou if you do.


Hi TrueRollers,

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Your BIOS is toasted? Well there are two ways to get your machine up and running again (I’m not considering a new mainboard as an option):

  1. Hotflash your bios: get an idendentical BIOS chip from another identical mainboard, install it and boot it. While the system is running, replace the chip by the toasted one, and flash it with a new BIOS version. That should work out!

  2. Get yourself a new BIOS. I believe this website can fix you up with a new one…


If you know what input it asks for, make a batch file on a bootable floppy disk that says

flash bios.bin (with correct names of flasher and bios file)

then hit y or n as it asks questions or whatever. Some boards will do this automatically if you just put the bios file on a disk and boot.


buy from them another bios chip !!!
it should not cost much !