My best scan EVER!

Hi all

Since I became a member of this awesome forum I’ve been seeing great scans with quality media that I can not find here in Egypt .
I pay twice (or even 4 times when your media is on sale !) the price for crap media that you pay for TY or MCC media , I was very jealous of scans I see here and I had a dream to get a high score with TY T02 media that I am still waiting for my brother to send :sad:

No more waiting :smiley:

I made it with OPTODISC R16 media which is considered by most of you to be of a medium quality :disagree:

Here is the scan of this media burnt @12X with the greatest burner ever : Benq 1640 BSLB : SB : OFF (I turned it off by mistake !) , WOPC : ON , OS : OFF

I have only 10 slim cases pack left , but will make sure to get a 100 of them :bow:

CLASS 1 BURN :clap:

Nice job on the burn, once you get your T02 discs this will be a typical result and much lower jitter as well (assuming it’s a decent batch). I have had some good results with newer Optodisc +R media, in fact I have a few OR8 burns that match or improve upon these results. BTW, I would suggest not assuming that SB will improve your burns, in fact it slightly worsened the results with most of my test comparisons. That’s not to say that it won’t help in some cases but if the stock write strategy in the firmware is well optimized and you get good results with a given media code, I suggest leaving it off (and I have the same burner/firmware combination).

If the stability is just as good as the initial burn quality, it is excellent media :slight_smile:

Awwww, very nice! :clap: :clap:

Very nice scan! Hopefully these nice OPTODISC scans are also durable.

Yeah, maybe Minaelromany can keep us updated, a la C0deKing’s Daxon thread :wink:

I will keep you updated for sure :slight_smile:

OPTODISC 8X DVD+R media was the first I ever got and for two years now it still has perfect TRT , so I wish that 16X variant would also be good :wink:

I will try this media with my Pioneer 111L @12X and 8X speeds and with LG 4167B that I borrowed from a friend to test :bigsmile:

I will also try it with Benq SB : ON @ 8X and 12X

I just need more data , I don’t like to waste discs :wink:


Thanks :flower: - I don’t like to waste discs either…but I shall be trying out every different media I have in my possession on the SH-S182D. Just hope the drive survives :bigsmile:

TYG01 too?

I would if I had any :stuck_out_tongue: - but I haven’t had any of that for like over two years :eek:

Got some T01s, though. But those only get used if I have something special to burn :wink:

I decided to waste discs for the sake of science :bigsmile:

Here is another scan from a new 10 disc pack of Samsung PLEOMAX OPTODISCR16 burnt with Pioneer 111L @12X speed . Jitter and PIE are very high , I will stick with Benq 1640 for this great media :bow:

I knew you would, being a true CDFreak and all - looks like it was well worth it, excellent burn! :clap:

As I promised , I would keep you updated , here is the same first disc rescanned today :smiley:

Slightly lower PIF total and lower PIE/Jitter :clap:

I will use this media as a “secondary” backup besides TY or Verbatim from now on :slight_smile:

:clap: Thanks for the update!

I’m really interested in seeing it a month from now :iagree:

This is a great scan for sure, but it is not very suitable for testing durability. Disks tend to deterioate from the outer edge and this disk was simply not burned until the end.

Depending on my use of DVD media ! I put data on them , and most of the time there is 200-300 MB left , but I will try to complete discs next time :smiley:

Showoff! I have to buy T02 or MCC-xxx to get scans like that.

As the price for media in Germany is very similar and the difference between “b-grade” and good media is usually less than 8 cents a piece I don’t bother, I usually get MCC instead :smiley:

I decided to rescan every 2 weeks just to make sure :bigsmile:

I bought more of these in boxes of 10 disc in slim cases from different stores and tried a disc from every box and quality seems very consistent , the highest PIF total was 148 !!! :clap:
Here is a scan done few minutes ago :

Oooooh, looking good! :clap: