My benq with ritek vs ty

My benq 1620 loves ritek better then ty media. Why is that? I thought ty was alot better. I get quality burns around 97% with ritek g04 compared to 93% with ty media. Is there anything I can do to help this? I am using the firmware B7P9.

what brand of ty are you using?

I have used both Yuden000T02 and TYG02. The riteks are ritek G04

that’s strange cause I get ok results with the ritek g04 but get consistent 97+ with the TY’s

I thought it was strange as well.

You can only burn G04 at 4X.
At what speed did you burn the TY ?
12X would be fine for both T02 and G02, 16X must be reserved to T02.

burned the ty at 12x. might try again at 8x to see if it ends up being better. the riteks i burn at 4x

I always burn my TY’s at 12X which gives better results than 8X!!!

Tried that also, but still worse results then with my ritek G04s. Wonder whats up with that??? :confused:

It seems there are varying quality on the Yudenn000 02…TY02

some batches are better than others…in fact certain rebadgers offer better quality…ie Sony, Fuji, etc…I can not tell you which is the best

I have been disappointed with my TY as well…I bought 2 50pck Sony’s that are 01133 batch and then discs can vary…I burned a 1 gb image yesterday and got 400 PIF!..the disc before had 50 with same image!

Ive been thinking that maybe I just got a bad batch or 2. But most say that the benq 1620 hates riteks but mine seems to love em. I hope maybe my next batch of Ty is better. I have almost 150 Ty. One is a sony batch, and 2 fuji batches. Guess I will just have to use em up and try some more later.

Actually the CDfreaks review of the drive had two Ritek + media burns with both being excellent scans. Also OC-freak had good comments about the media.

yes!! the Fuji’s so far rule!!! consistent 97+% quality score!!!

StudMonkey! is your Benq set as master? Are you using 80pin IDE cables?

Lg Or Benq