My Benq DW1620 just died, whats next?

Im afraid my Benq DW1620 died yesterday

It was very hot (about 33 degrees celsius outside) and at noon I wrote a movie dvd in Nero and went out to swim

I came back in the evening and the burn was succesfull, so i shut down Nero, the DVD came out and i putted it back in to test it
So i opened Powerdvd and the dvd started playing and seemed to work fine
I skipped forward a few minutes and it kept playing again
Then I skipped forward about 15 mins and powerdvd hung
My Benq seemed to try reading it for awhile but probably died in the process of doing so

After about 5 minutes no response i killed Powerdvd and i opened the drive to remove the movie dvd

I opened Nero to burn it again, since I hate possibly bad written dvds and didnt want to take any chance

I inserted another blanc dvd (as always last few months, a vertabim 16x mcc004) and it didnt want to recognize the empty dvd
So I tried restarting nero, but it still didnt work

Then i tried opening the drive, but it didnt open anymore!
After trying to push the button ALOT and longtime I gave up and rebooted the pc

but even while rebooting the tray wouldnt open!!
no lights burn either, but the bios did recognize the drive and also windows sees it

so i rebooted some more, but it all didnt help

in the end i opened up the drive with a needle and when i closed the drive (manually) was the only moment from then on that i saw some lights flashing on it

So i think its kinda broke (or does anyone know a solution?)

ive only burned about 200/300 dvds with it and i think its a bit older then 1 year, so im quite dissapointed actually

i know it is probably bad luck, but still im kinda uncomfortable with benq still being the recommended burner atm (ive only browsed cdfreaks for about 30 mins since months though, so im sure ive missed alot)

i hope someone can help me find my next burner since i have kinda uncommon favorites in features :wink:

  1. I dont give a **** about speed, all writers can burn my mcc004 on 16x and i still only burn them at 12x anyway, which is more then fast enough for me
  2. I only care about burn quality and the eternal life of the hardware… I hate movies to go skipping near the end and this I even have with freshly burned vertabim mcc004 @ 12x on some dvdplayers (laptops, standalones)
  3. Must be good at both DVD+R as DVD-R (i currently burn mcc004 +Rs, but when these are depleted I have some Taiyo Yuden -Rs ready)
  4. DVD+R bitsetting is offcourse required too (may be with a hacked firmware as long as it stays up to date with the latest firmware)
  5. Also audioprotection circumventing techniques would be nice
  6. Reasonalbe audio rip speed
  7. Good overall read speed and good error correction techniques are very welcome
  8. lightscribe and stuff is alowed but certainly not required
  9. price doesnt matter much with the current price of dvdwriters

Greetings from ur oldskool member,

BenQ DW1650 and DW1655 are good, but their firmware is still young. If you find a DW1640 grab it. This model has been around for a while now, and its firmware has matured nicely. It’s a good all-around reader/writer, and with QSuite you can change some of the drive’s advanced settings like SolidBurn, Overspeed and WOPC.

The latest Liteon drives are good too, they feature similar technology to SolidBurn, but if you use top quality discs you most probably won’t need these features anyway. I have to say that my Samsung SH-W162C is currently my favorite writer as it produces decent results with most media, it is a very fast burner, and an even better reader/ripper. I had some damaged DVDs that all my other drives had failed to rip, so I was stunned when the Samsung managed to rip them all, and it did so with minimal slowdowns too. And it’s also less noisy than my three BenQ drives.

The Benq 1650 would be a very good choice.

I love my 1650 burners. :bow:

While I read again and again in this forum that the firmwares for 1650 and 1655 are not ‘mature’, I have comments:

  1. I can’t see any difference in burning quality between my retired 1640/BSLB and my present 1650 units with BCDC. At least no significant difference. Well, if you take a magnifying glass and analyse each and every PIE spike, maybe there is a tiny difference, but in real-world, taking such differences into account makes no sense at all.

  2. The 1640’s best firmware (in ‘best’ I include the consideration of ‘trouble-free’) is IMO still BSLB, so further maturing of the 1640 f/ws had not much sense.

  3. With the 1650, we see the same: BCFC is OK but BCHC seems to give many users trouble.

So who cares about firmware ‘maturation’ when BCDC is good and does the job perfectly? :cool:


This is typical of 1620 drives ive had 3 die on me in almost exactly the same way as yours, thankfully the rest of the 16xx series doesnt seem to suffer from this problem so dont be too worried about going with BenQ again.

btw does your 1620 smell like its burnt out?

I didnt really smell anything special, but it was so damn hot it is very possible that i didnt notice it between all other melting objects :wink:

and what is bslb, bcdc and bcfc? and what makes it bad?

i also discovered yesterday that benq was taken over by liteon (quite a shock)
will this influence the firmware upgrade strategy from benq you think?

I cast another vote for the 1600 series. I would not really wory about future updates for firmware. The current version is very good for most quality media and by the time something new comes out you will have certainly received your $40 worth of use.

BSOB, BCDC and BCFC are firmware designations. Each burner has a flashable (which means re-programable) chip on its board, which contains the writer’s software. That chip can easily be re-programmed using newer firmwares which are periodically released by the burner’s developers. The purpose of these updates is mainly to fix bugs and to update the writing strategies (something that is essential as new media keep coming into the market all the time - by updating the firmware you make sure that your burner is able to handle such new media). This is in theory anyway. In many cases newer firmwares are not better than previous ones, a fact that a lot of users agree is true with BenQ burners. By fixing one issue the developers can inadvertedly create a new one, or mess up existing good media writing strategies. It takes experimentation and time for firmwares to ‘mature’, to become good all-around.
Regarding the BenQ takeover by Liteon, I think it will create some interesting drives in the future. I think that new firmware development will continue under Liteon’s regime, but will Liteon take over BenQ’s firmware development? Or will BenQ retain their own team? I don’t know. LiteOn are well known for frequent firmware updates (even on their older models), so I assume and hope that they will do the same for existing BenQ models.

is there ANYTHING worse about the 1655 compared to the 1650?

cause those 3 euro price difference aint much, and if all it does is add lightscribe, i might as well take the 1655


id like to buy 2 tomorrow

Go for it. :bigsmile:

i did :slight_smile:

what firmware is adviced?
is bitsetting for dvd+r enabled by default? or do i need a hacked firmware?

No hack is needed. If I’m not mistaken the drive could already be set to BOOKTYPED DVD-ROM for DVD+R media. If not then just use QSUITE 2.1 and you can set the drive to BOOKTYPE DVD-ROM for DVD+R media.

You just need Benq’s Qsuite which is supplied with the retail packs or downloadable from their site. Go here .

and how about the firmware?

just grab the latest? or perhaps not?

First have a look at the firmware your drive came with. These firmwares aren’t bad, sometimes even better than the most recent one.


BCDB any good?

that is whats on it

should i enable solidburn (just downloaded qsuite)

how about that qscan? is it any better then the nero scantool on my a-open dvd1648AAP PRO dvdrom?

qscan seems for empty discs, so it seems like a different program then


just tried 2 empty mcc004 dics and both cant even handle 4x according to that tool??

i write those dics at 12x on my DW1620 pro before, and 16x certainly wasnt a problem either

there is a trach error peak above 30 near the beginning each time

gonna try some taiyo yuden’s now

taiyo yudens seems no problem at 16x

i want to write those vertabims too :frowning:

just tried to insert some written with my dw1620 pro mcc004 dics and i could only choose 8x max, but this time it did succeed (at 8x)


that 8x was mcc003, hence the speed

trying more written mcc004 now

i just tried some more

ill give a summary below:

written “very” old mcc003 succeeded at 8x (max speed)
1x written old mcc004 succeeded at 12x
3x written old mcc004 succeeded at 16x
4x written less old to new mcc004 dont even succeed at 4x

i tried 1 of them in nero cdspeed and it got a quality score of 97% on my a-open dvdrom so i dont understand it actually :confused:
the same disc in the benq has a quality score of 95%

i also tried quite some empty mcc004s and all failed at 4x even
all probably because of the big spice in the beginning…

the first one i tried was disc 2 of a fresh spindle
i also tried disc 2 and 3 from this spindle
then i tried disc one from 2 other spindles

all the same failing at 4x

it might be that all failing discs came from my last buy at, but this shop is famous for its price and quality goods if i remember well?

my previous buy of mcc004 was at the same online shop btw

anyone have an idea?
is it the media or the software/dvdwriter?