My Benq DQ1620 freezes at 100%?


I’ve been burning DVDs with my Benq DW1620 since March 2005. Couple of months ago, my DVDdecrypter started to freeze when the disc finalizes or at 100%. I ended the process(Ctrl+Alt+Del) and the software closed but the drive kept on running and I have to manually shut down the PC. This happened gradually, meaning sometimes I get bad burns, sometimes not until eventually it became permanent.
I tried burning with my older drive LG (up to 4x only) and everything worked out normally.
Could this be a sign for replacing a damaged burner? or could I still salvage it?

Another question, all my (memorex, fujifilm, Philips)blank DVDs are all 16x, is it ok to burn in a 4x drive? would it be the same quality?

Thanks for your valuable time

Use better quality dvd media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and use ImgBurn instead of Dvd Decrypter to burn your discs. Dvd Decrypter is no longer updated. The brands of dvd media you posted are considered low grade.

16x media usually burns best at 8-12x, and burning in a 4x burner that doesn’t properly support the media usually will give poor burns. If your drive is failing at the end of the burn, it could be a dying drive, it could possibly be system related, not sure. While Memorex, Philips, and Fujifilm usually are not the greatest, all 3 use decent media for the most part, nothing that the 1620 should have trouble with. In the future give Verbatim a try, but if you’re having problems with your current media on the 1620 then you might want to try updating the firmware to the latest available, and if you are still having problems see if you can try the drive on another computer just to rule out anything related to your system.

Well, I’ve been using those media for almost 2 years now and I didn’t have any problems(I get problems when I use no-name brands/really cheap ones) So how come all of a sudden I get these bad burns? and in that case are you implying that my burner is fine?

I’m a heavy burner…of DVDs that is. :cool: I thought it would be more of a hardware issue, no?

I think my system is fine, because I can burn with my 2nd drive (LG) but only up to 4x.

Thanks for all the responses.

Process of elimination would be suitable for your drive. The suggestion of using Verbatim dvd media will result in either freezing as well or burn perfectly fine.

Fujifilm used to have media id that was Taiyo Yuden. They have outsource to manufacturers Ritek and Cmc which are low grade media. So Fujifilm discs may have worked for you from the time you got your 1620 drive but now those brands have changed manufacturers. Memorex and Philips dvd media has always been low grade quality. Test your drive out with Verbatim dvd media and if it fails to burn then you’ll know your drive is dying. :wink:

Easy to post what media id that is on those Memorex, Philips and Fujifilm brands. Use Dvdinfo pro, DvdIdentifier or Cd/Dvd Speed. Then you’ll see the media id of those brands that you have now. :slight_smile: