My BenQ 1655 has crapped out

I’ve had the 1655 for almost two months and it was the best burner I ever owned. It WAS until today. I quality scan everything cuz I hate computers and don’t trust em. Anyway, I was in the middle of a brilliant pack of TY 8X +r’s and then it started happening. I went from consistent 99 Quality Scores to pure crap. I got three good burns out of 10 discs. 2 scores of 99, 1 score of 98, and I didn’t finish any other scan cuz they all had yellow and then red PIF spikes within the first half gig. Also, one of the 99’s had over 1800 POF’s. I never got a POF before so I had to look it up to understand what it is. My first ever BenQ worked well for only 5 weeks. I still have it installed for quality scans and lightscribe only. I reinstalled my Plextor 716al and will have to use it for now. I don’t know how I’m gonna do dual layer since my plex sux with dl burns. I rescanned all those bad discs with plextools to be sure and they were horrible burns. I forgot to mention I also got bad results with a Verbatim MC003 and some TY02 -R’s so it wasn’t a media thing. I was thinking of going to Compusa and picking up their rebadged BenQ 1640 but right now I’m not so sure about BenQ. I was so loving the 1655 too. It sucks.

Good luck in finding a rebadged BENQ 1640 from COMPUSA. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

I don’t own a BENQ 1655 so I can’t comment on your problem but do those scans you call pure crap can they be played back correctly on your dvd player? Sure I do the occasional scan here and there but I don’t call it exact science either. IMHO as long as the discs can be played back correctly is good enough for me. I know with the BENQ 1620 & 1640 some firmwares are better suited for some brands of dvd media. The 1640 firmware does better with DVD-R compared to the 1620. Let other members comment to your post before you decide whether or not the 1655 drive is the right one for you. :wink: