My Benq 1625 is acting up :( Wont eject :(

Last night before i went to bed, I used it for copying some smallville episodes from dvd (xvid format) and it was just fine. This morning, i was working on something and then it suddenly opens and I am not using it. It wont close either, I was freaking out. I tried to give the tray a little push and it closed.

When I try to push the eject button, it wont open. i tried restarting even trying different firmware, it’s all the same. I have only had this drive for like 3 weeks. What could be the possible problem? I dont understand.

oh and btw, it wont open but sometimes it auto opens by itself automatically. I can only open it manually by going to NERO and selecting the eject option on CDR properties. Even by going to my computer and right clicking on the DVD drive and selecting eject wont work. Only NERO can eject it :frowning:

Doesn’t sound good, does the emergency eject hole method still work for opening the drives tray ?

Have you tried changing the IDE cable or removing any other IDE devices (if any) on the same chain ?

what is emergency eject hole method?

it is a small hole under rhe tray that u can use to insert into a paperclip to force the tray to mecanicly open

I’ve had that happen when I’ve had in-cd or other types of packet-writing software installed. I’d have to right click the incd icon on the taskbar to open it, or open through the program itself. notr aure if this is whats going on. Good luck :slight_smile:

small hole under the tray? so that means I have to detach my writer from the CPU since I wont be able to see that hole underneath the writer.

biikman, i dont think it has anything to do with the software like I initially thought. I tried to restart my pc and while its booting up (first screen) I hit pause and tried to press the eject button and it still wont open.

Weird that just now it opens by itself again and Im just typing, this is so weird.

How about your house? buried on a graveyard perhaps and haunted? :slight_smile:

BenQs seem to have this problem as they die. You might want to prepare for an RMA.

BenQ’s number is (866) 600-2367

weird, i only had this for 3 weeks, i guess ill get a pioneer, i dont think ill ever buy a BENQ product anymore. thanks

The Liteon 1693 burns as well as BenQ and has almost the same features as well as massive firmware support. I have a Pioneer 109 and there are anly two media where is does an excellent job.

Sad to see the 1625 seems to have the same DOA problems as the 1620. Hopefully they don’t materialize on the 1640. :frowning:

i was planning on getting the pioneer dvd writer or liteon