My Benq 1620Pro just died... :-(

my benq just stopped working…

bought it at the beginning of this year, less then three month ago. burned about 30 DVD+R… no CDRs, still use my liteon for this.

just burned a backup on the first Benq-branded Daxon-DVD+R of the spindle. sdid a smartscan, showed 16x ok. burned ull disk with nero, di not come over 12x, an after 4.0 GB got a write error. after reinserting the coaster, i thought: lets do a CD-Quality-scan, just to see, how ba it is… after 1.5GB of the scan at 8x i got a positioning-error.
and now, the benq doesn’t recognize any media. neither blank DVD+R, nor blank CDRs, or written CDs and DVDs…
tried reflashing the firmware, powering of the PC and on again… no changes. doesn’t recognize anything… after 30 DVD+R. and 4 coasters. thre of the coasters are Verbatim 16x certified…

realy a bad summary…

will have to change the drive. at least it is in waranty withn this quick death…


just wanted to ad:
drive spins up, blinks a few times, but System always says: no disc in drive


Have seen a few reports of similar death. Try the drive with another PC to confirm that it is no good.

Well people shouldnt be surprised if this happens more and more frequently. For $50-$60 for a dvd burner, they dont exactly put quality control at the top of the list.

havent removed the device from my pc yet. but its not a windows problem, have the same issue under a real operating system… linux :slight_smile:


axc27 You May Have To exchange It For The Newer Benq 1640Pro Later This Month!

Is It Coming Later This Month ???

The sad part is that they are adding more bells and whistles such as Light Scribe and try to sell this crap for a little more $.

Exchange Under Warranty (Straight Swap Over)

  1. DW1640 (Internal DVD Re-Writer) (No Light Scrible)
    Target launch date: Early march
    Major Specification: 16x DVD+/-R, 4x +R DL, 8x +RW, 6x -RW & 48x CD-R
    Interface: IDE

  2. DW1625 (Internal DVD Re-Writer + LightScribe) (crap for a little more $)
    Target launch date: Early march
    Major Specification: 16x DVD+/-R, 4x +R DL, 8x +RW, 6x –RW, 48x CD-R & LightScribe
    Interface: IDE

to you everything is crap from benq…

My first BenQ1620 died after only 11 days and no more than 8-10 discs.

My second BenQ is 3 weeks old, burned about 40 discs, no problem.

My Philips@BenQ is about 4 weeks old, no problems.

  • Jie

I had the same problem. After 3 burns, it suddenly screws up by copying high speed media at 2-4x writes & craps out at around at 30-40% of every burn. Got an exchange and its back to normal now. But this is not a drive I will really recommend to other friends.

My first BenQ died in about one week.
My 2nd started to act strangely yesterday evening and seem to have died this morning.

Will RMA it later and wait for the 3rd. If that one is crap again, I will opt out of the deal and get my money back.