My BenQ 1620Pro gets very hot - is it defective?

Hi guys
How hot is the 1620Pro supposed to get? Though I have no way of measuring the actual temp of the drive (or discs) I have a feeling that the drive gets way too hot when burning a disc or doing a transferrate test - at least compared to my NEC ND-3500. After completing a burn the disc feels very hot. Even the tray of the burner feels hot. It’s not that it’s too hot to handle or anything but it feels way to hot compared to any other optical drive I have ever tried. If I do a transferrate test after burning a disc the result is rather bad. However if I eject the disc and wait a couple of minutes untill the drive/disc have cooled down the result is a lot better.

I have no airflow problems. My A64 CPU temp is about 36 degrees when burning and the MB temp is only 25-26 degrees. I have 4x80mm fans installed, 2 in the front and 2 in the back of the case. My computer case has room for 4x5.25" devices but only two of them are occupied by the BenQ and my NEC - with an empty space between them.

Is it common for BenQ drives to get very hot or do I have a defective drive at hand?


Hm… I don’t think my Philips makes any hotter disc than Nec. Once I’ve put a disc into Nec and it was spinning at max RPM for around 20 minutes because I forgot about it (strangely the drive didn’t timed out and stopped spinning). The disc was pretty damn hot when I ejected the tray… lol it almost melted =P

The inside of the drive and the discs do get warm after spinning at up to 9000 rpm for several minutes. At maximum rotational speed, the outer edge of a 12 cm disc travels through the air at almost 60 m/s, or 210+ km/h, or 135 mph… faster than most of us will ever drive :slight_smile: so the friction does create some heat. That’s quite normal.

Actually I have noticed that my disc from my BenQs are very hot compared to any of my other drives.

Seems like this could be normal behaviour after all :confused:

I understand. However the discs still get a lot hotter in the BenQ than in my NEC - and they both spin at the same RPM’s :confused:

Actually it seems like most of the heat is generated from the back of the drive where the powercable is connected.

Assuming you are doing similar things in similar conditions, the difference could be due to something as simple as different aerodynamics inside the drive, or different airflow. Does the NEC also have a foam insert on the inside of the tray? BenQ has one… it reduces the amount of dust getting in, and lowers the level of noise heard on the outside. Obviously, that interferes with the airflow as well, but I am not sure enough so to explain what you are seeing :slight_smile:

The NEC has the same foam insert on the inside as the BenQ.

The heat would not really be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that the transferrate tests performed on the BenQ are inaccurate when the disc is too hot. This makes me question the reliability of the quality scans - I guess they will be inaccurate as well when the disc/drive is too hot:(

my benq 1620 mounted internally doesnt even get warm whereas my 160 external usb2.0 (mounted in the open no cover on the ext case) gets TOO HOT to touch on top after a single burn or read…

is this normal behavior? is usb external somehow running hot as opposed to internal ide? tempted to switch em out and see… just seems very odd.

the hot external one is 2004 sept china.

My 1620 gets pretty hot. Maybe even hotter than my NEC ND-3540A whoch is also pretty hot.

My DW1640 operates a lot cooler.

Found this thread here. I’ve got two 1620 Pro’s as well - a black Jan '05 and a beige Mar '05 model, both Made in Malaysia. I’ve used them on and off in various PC’s, but definitely no heavy duty use, and they worked fine. Just when I thought I found a good home for the beige one however, it started turning out coasters. Tried everything I know (flashed it to B7L9 and back to later versions) and put it in another system again, all to no avail. Then I noticed the discs were very hot after writing and reading/scanning and indeed, the whole unit is hot to the touch. Just put the black one in the same PC and it’s not hot at all… :confused:

I’m pretty sure the heat is causing these bad burns. Attaching a scan, burned with the bad unit and scanned with the good (didn’t use very good media, but this definitely shows there’s a problem - the drive just can’t burn a good disc any more). I’ve read about many 1620’s dying prematurely here, and think this heat issue can be related. Taking this one back to the shop, as it’s still under warranty :slight_smile: .

BenQ’s are great when they’re good, but when they’re bad they’re evil :wink: !

Old thread, but yes, this is my experience as well. When I initially got my 1620 I was getting PIE/PIF increase at the end of the disc. I also noticed that both my drive and the disc inside were getting very hot. I didn’t have any airflow problem in my case, it was very well ventilated but the drive was still getting hot. I mounted a 120mm fan underneath and it made a world of difference - flat graphs with no PIE/PIF increase at the end of the disc.

Since then I always have a 120mm fan underneath my DVD burner that I turn on whenever I do any burning.

BTW the problem is not limited to BenQ’s. I remember a thread in the Plextor forum on almost the same topic - how heat and humidity affects burns. People were getting better burns in cold weather so keeping your drive cool when burning definitely helps.