My Benq 1620 now writes at less that 1X

My generic Benq 1620 was working fine in XP. Installed the latest flash. Got over 8X speed with 8X media. Worked great with DVDXcopy. Tried a couple of trial DVD copying packages and now it writes to an 8x disk at .73 X. Less than 1X. I uninstalled all the trial software. (Even uninstalled and reinstalled Nero. )Took the drive out and put it in a PC with Win 98 and it works normally. What could these DVD copying packages have done to my XP operating system that it only allows my BENQ to write at less than 1 speed and read at about 1 X. How do I fix it?

What DVD copying packages are you talking about, please list then maybe someone
could help.

check for UDMA status.

I had something similar happen to me a while back and it turned out to be some sort of ASPI corruption.

Try to remove the ASPI default layer by finding and downloading a package called “ForceASPI”. One of the programs inside ForceASPI is a program called “KillASPI”. Run it to remove the default ASPI layer.

Most programs, including Nero, do not need to have the default ASPI layer installed, so removing it may be sufficient (certainly, you should do your testing this way with Nero to see if this fixes your problem). However, if you feel you really need it, then just run ForceASPI to add it back in.

Check that your drive isnt running in PIO mode and return it to UDMA as this will fix problems with slow burns usually.

Yes, turns out it was stuck in PIO mode. I could not get it to return to UDMA mode. Googled and found a web page by ninjaduck titled UDMA vs PIO - A CURE for the WinXP transfer mode failback feature. Modified the Registry per web page instructions and the drive is now working normally. Thanks for helping to point me in the right direction.
I now believe that the cause of the probelm (the permanent failback to PIO mode) was due to repeated attempts to copy a DVD with the new Sony copy protection on it which creates a read error and not due to the trial software I was downloading to see if it could copy it.