My BenQ 1620 can't do quality scans!



I just bought a BenQ 1620 Pro and it came with F/W B7S9. Before doing anything else i upadated it with B7V9. I did a few test burns and all went great. But when I tried to do a quality scan with CDSpeed it just froze. The drives LED blinked a few times but after that the test would not start. The eject button didn’t respond and some times I couldn’t even close CDSpeed or shutdown the computer. The same thing happened when I tried to scan with DVDInfo. Burning and reading works fine and my NEC 3520 can still scan with no problem. Does anyone has a clue? :confused:


Are you using the latest version of CD/DVD Speed ?




you should always fully test a new burner before upgrading its firmware. that being said, try reflashing the drive in safe mode using the cvt version.