My bd-r discs



I am a long time user of dvdfab products. Today I purchased DVDFAB blu-ray copy. I am backing up one of my blu ray movies and the copy process went without a hitch. I then tried to write to my blu ray disc…BD-R-SL;PHILIP-RO4-OOO. The writer prompted that I needed to insert a blu ray disc. What do I need to do? thanks for any help.:confused:


You should check and see if there is an updated firmware available for your blu ray burner. You can do this by checking the online site for the manufacturer of your burner.

If you use ImgBurn, it can do this for you, by clicking Discovery–>Tools–>Drive–>Check for Firmware Updates.

But if you are using a blu ray drive that came with an OEM computer (like HP or Dell) you should go onto their site and look for firmware updates from them. They often times use proprietary firmware for the drives they sell in their computers.

Updating the firmware isn’t guaranteed to work unfortunately, but is the best bet for getting a drive to recognize newer media codes.


Kerry 56…I have done as you suggested. I updated and am in the process of backing up a movie…I will be back to let you know how it worked. thanks


Bad news…still prompts me to insert a blu ray writable disc. Still wide open to suggestions.:confused:


Try different media. I suggest the regular inorganic Verbatim disks, for example:

Or the SmartBlu disks found here:

Which burner are you using? Does the disk show up in ImgBurn?


My burner…Samsung SH-B123L…I will buy different media tomorrow. Yes it shows up in img burn…but I tried to write a clone and it showed some kind of error. Boy getting into blu ray is expensive.


Your drive is not a Bluray writer. It can only read BD-R’s. It can burn DVD’s, but you will need to buy a BD burner to be able to use those BD-R’s.


Deanwitty is correct. Your current drive cannot burn blu ray.

The least expensive burner around right now is the LG WH12LS38, at $69 shipped from Newegg:

Its a good burner too.


Well deanwitty and Kerry56, you have solved my problem. I guess I’ll read better the next time I purchase a writer. I purchased the LG burner and it’s on the way…thanks again for all the help from both members.:bow:


The way they are selling those drives as “BD combo” drives makes it very unclear as to what the drive actually does :rolleyes:. Don’t feel bad, I’m sure you are not the only one who bought one of these for BD-R burning without reading the fine print ;). Please don’t burn those PhilipR04’s faster than 2x. They are prone to be very low quality, and Kerry’s recommendations for better media will be a big help to aid you in trouble-free burning.


Thanks for the advice deanwitty…I will do as you suggested.