My bad habits

I often promise to do stuff and, while I usually get around to it, it takes a long time to do so. I also make up stuff to get away from something instead of saying that I simply dont want to.

So there you have it, a thread about what annoys your close family and friends. What are your worst habits? And shouldnt we be proud of them instead? :wink:

I’ve got a bad habit of getting smashed and posting on Internet forums. I have a stalker for my trouble, too.

Has nasty habit of apathy & find fault with nearly everything (Virgo trait)


I’m very anti-social. I never call up friends, family or others to check if they’re still alive. I don’t sent christmas or birthday cards. I hate MSN, ICQ and IRC because people don’t “talk on it”, but post a sentence once in a while. Waayy to slow for me. I don’t call back if people leave voicemails, but i love sms because it’s very time efficient.

I’m respectless. I don’t care if people think they’re cool, l33t , special or smarter even if they’re world famous movie stars. If God would appear in front of me, i’d diss him.

I don’t believe in charity. Never did and probably never will.

I hate every form of religion. Especially fanatics.

I’m lazy. When i’m watching a movie, don’t expect me to answer the door, put out the trash or pick up the phone. (See point #1 as well)

I hate authority and every form of control that even slightly reminds me of George Orwell’s book 1984.

I smoke, occasionally drink and eat unhealthy food.

I’m very logical, cynical and sarcastic, but i expect all people to know when i’m joking or being serious. Naturally it usually fails :slight_smile:

Those are your good habits, tell us your bad habits. :bigsmile:

Could not have said it better myself

Oh ,okay :bigsmile:

I love quality porn, intelligent horny women, fast driving, weed, alcohol, movies with great soundtracks and/or storyline, monty python humor, anime, computer games, modifying electronic equipment, race, be in control of everything, large amounts of money, destroy things, sleep, eat, giving away stuff other people are happy with but useless to me, hip hop, the internet and staring. Better? :slight_smile:

Guide me on the path to true Belvederism!

Damn, i’m that transparent? Gotta work on my image :slight_smile:

Nah dude, they are pretty much my thoughts too.

:bow::bow::bow::bow:Mr B:bow::bow::bow::bow:

Just don’t get fat … that image is already taken.

:bow: You just have to love this guy :bow: :wink:

From a European perspective i’m quite above average. In American perspective i’m way less than average.

Some days i think if it’d be worth it to trade in all those bad/good habits to have a slightly more beautiful appereance, but then i’m immediately reminded that most people who think they are beautiful are incredibly stupid people.

One of the biggest disadvantages i have is that when i’m in a relaxed mood i appear to be either very angry or very serious all the time. Watching me smile is sometimes like watching a mentally challenged. Cute, but everyone hates them. My appearance just doesn’t work in current societies.

Fortunately this disadvantage is an extreme large advantage when i want to motivate or convince people.

On top of that, i don’t really care. Everyone else on the planet is a moron, i’m not :bigsmile:

are you my doppelganger?

Humans aren’t snowflakes. They think they are unique, but they are more alike than they think. (By the way, that was derived from the uber excellent series Dead Like Me) :slight_smile:

you did an amazing job verbalizing how i feel every day…wish you were my lawyer or something.

I wonder if the cdfreaks females will ever reply. I’m curious to know the female perspective of things.

I wear women’s underwear.

I bath twice a day and shower probably 2 times a day.
I’m told its a bad habit because i use all the hot water. :stuck_out_tongue:
I too have been known to watch porn, for educational purposes only of course. :smiley:

Name one educational purpose from pr0n?