My "backup copy" of Win XP...HELP!

Ok. Here’s the deal. I have an iso image of Windows XP. And I have successfully burned it with Nero. The only problem is, the burn I did did not make a bootable disc. For some reason the ‘autorun’ feature seems not to be working.

I still have the image so I can make other copies if necessary. I am wondering if anyone knows of any way to burn this so that the disc will be bootable. Has anyone ever run into this problem?

The odd thing is, if I open the disc and double click ‘Setup’ it will run and start to install the OS. But I want to do a clean install on a reformatted hard drive. And in order to do this the disc will have to be able to boot/autorun.

So, in other words, it WILL install the OS. But autorun does not seem to be working. So it will not run as a bootable disc. Could it have something (anything) to do with using Nero to burn the image? Are there other programs that will do a better job of burning the iso file? If so could anyone make any recommendations?


Have you tried making another image with Nero from your original disc, as sometimes it can screw up a bit :frowning:

also, don’t confuse the terms “autorun” and “bootable.” those are entirely different things. autorun is the ability of the disc to automatically initialize in some manner (usually starting up the setup program) when the disc is inserted into a drive under windows. bootable is the ability to boot from the disc outside of windows. i’d also recommend making another image from the original disc.

The way you described it I highly doubt you own a legal copy of WIndows XP, that is why this post was removed before and will be closed now.

If you can convince me you have a legal backup, PM me and I stand corrected, if not, respect CD Freaks by respecting the rules.