My audio files don't play anymore

I can’t play any of my audio files. My music worked on my old computer but when I transferred the music to my new computer, it stopped working. Wmp tells me that I don’t have the codec for it (because of an unknown form of codec compression?) and my BS player say can’t open file. Strangely some music files still work (The ones I Burned from cds) while the others don’t. I check their formats and it seems like the music files that play are in mpeg 1 layer 3 formats. But not all of my mp3s (mpeg 1 layer3 format) can play. I have mp3s in; 1, 2, 2.5, 3 layers and 1, 2, 3 formats; is this normal? My video files are have no problems playing.

Well, I checked Microsoft and they said it was because of the different headers in the music and a bug in wmp9 but I downloaded the patch and it still doesn’t work. Is this a copy protection measure? If it is a codec compression problem how do I find out what codec compressed it? I have powerdvd(uninstalled), wmp 9, divx plaer,winamp 3,and nero showtime on my old comp. On my new comp. I have wmp 10, nero showtime, divx player, winamp 3(uninstalled), and bs player. They were all installed in the order that I listed.
Btw-My pictures that I transferred over are also having the same problem, Windows can’t read them but new pictures that I save can be read.

Sounds like some of the files didn’t survive the transfer and are corrupted. How did you transfer them?

I transfered them from my old drive to other drive. Then trafered them again to my new drive after I install Windows Xp. How can I be sure if its corrupted?

I might take some music files and see if they play in my friends computer.

Run the originals through QuickPAR, then use the generated checksum file on the copies.

I checked with my friends computer and it does not work. I also used quickpar like you suggested and it can’t find any errors on the mp3 so it didn’t repair it.

That’s odd.
Let’s recapitulate. You have some MP3s on the old computer that still play back fine (with WMP?). You copied them to another hard drive (internal IDE?) and from that HD to your new comp’s HD. These 2nd generation copies pass a CRC check based on the originals. And yet they won’t play (with WMP?).

Have you tried WinAmp? If they still don’t play, does EncSpot recognize them? Lastly, you can try MP3Utility on them.

Good luck.

Nevermind, I went back to get my audio files that were in the original computer and transfered it directly to my new hard drive. Thank goodess I didn’t delete it. Everything works fine now, music and pics. :iagree: :slight_smile: :iagree: It weird because all of my transfered music files are MPEG layer 3 now :eek: . Wonder how I could’ve made files corrut by just transfering it. I don’t understand but it works so I got no probelms. Thanks for the help though. :bigsmile: