My ASUS lost it's disk burning capabilities



A few days ago, my ASUS DRW 1608P3S stopped working properly: when I insert a blank DVDR disc, it tries to read it for a few seconds, then stops. When I try using Nero, it gives me “no disc inserted” message.

When I insert a disc with some data on it, it is seen properly.

It seems the unit lost it’s burning functions.

The firmware is the most recent (1.24)

Any advice ? Crossflash? Another unit?


You might try reflashing current firmware. I saw post where a LiteOn drive user fixed similar problem by reflash, and it may work or not for yours but won’t hurt to try it.


Do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools on your system?

Both of these programs can cause similar symptoms, and if you have them installed, maybe a setting needs tweaking.


I tried reflashing. No luck.

I have no CD emulators installed.


Out of curiosity, what brand of blank DVD Rs have you tried?

Have you tried different brands?


DVDs - Verbatim, Samsung, BenQ.
CDs - Verbatim

Same batch, that “yesterday” worked.

C’est foutu ? :slight_smile:


I had a Sony CRX 100E that failed in the same way. It lost its burning abilities. So I just used it as a 2nd drive for reading only, and many months later somehow it started burning again and never stopped burning until i retired the 4x cd only burner from my pc :slight_smile: