My apology



I purchased DVDFAB GOLD a couple of years ago and had nothing but trouble with it. A couple of months ago, I got on here and warned everyone that I thought dvdfab was a very inferior product. ( just look at my screen name ) I decided to give it one last chance. I updated my software ( free ) and it has worked FLAWLESSLY. It seems that the makers of DVDFAB have worked out all the bugs and now have a product that I would recomend to anyone who wants an easy to use product. I should have updated DVDFAB and gave it one last chance BEFORE I got on here and talked trash about it.
I apologize and this will be my last post under the name DVDFABSUX !


that is very nice to hear from you Dvdfab products are some of the best on the market I love them and they do an excellent Job thanks for the apology it means a lot that you are big enough to do this good luck and happy burning!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


A few people have answered you in your other thread and once again I am glad it is all straightened out and like I said if you have any problems just pop in and I am sure some of these fine people will bend over backwards to help you solve your problems. I also respect you for being man enough to come back on and apologizing and hope you have many happy burns now:bigsmile:


As Jimbo said and I as well in your other post, I’m glad you have gotten your problems resolved. Just make sure if something goes haywire and it happens to all of us, come on back and throw it out there and see what comes back. ‘‘The Truth Is Out There’’ and we’ll find it, LOL. Again, good luck and Happy Burning. ~ Mike


That took some gumption.:clap: Come back anytime (hopefully with a different nickname;) )