My Apology Olli

Hi again Olli,

Well, the last time I was on this forum I sounded like an idiot. I blasted you and your program and told you I was moving over to DVD Region+CSS Free. Although Region worked, I gave your program one more try before deciding what program to purchase. In the end I purchased Clondvd and Anydvd. :bigsmile: Here’s the reason: I’m running a Raid 0 config on my computer and in addition running only my operating system on my 36.6 Raptor. All my programs and games run on my D drive, Raid 0. Needless to say I installed Anydvd and Clondvd on my D drive. For some reason when I tried to back up Forgotten, my computer locked up. Well I was almost at an end, however, I uninstalled your program and re-installed it on the C drive, operating system drive. Bare with me. Since your program is a driver that runs in the background, it needed to install itself with Windows XP. I placed the Forgotten into my dvd drive and presto it worked. I now have a perfect back u copy of Forgotten. :bow: Please let me know if this makes sence.

P.S. If you’ll have me, I would like to return to


Meatby-Product :cop:

AnyDVD & CloneDVD should work, regardless on which drive / partition they are installed. (They will always install drivers/DLLs into your windows directory).
Anyway, I am glad, it worked for you! :slight_smile:

I run Raid 0 here and only WinXP lives on my C: partition, my games on D: and ALL my apps (including AnyDVD) on my E: partition - all works fine… very strange???

Glad it worked out for you though although I’m sure Olli is slightly puzzled :wink: