My Apologies



Please forgive me Ladies and Gentleman of the forum. This is the truth. I did not realize that when posting on a subforum that it was for product forum.
I though it was just a way to keep the thread straight and people would know that you were using that product. I did not understand it was sort of like the product “company” were the “Mods” and we just sort of chimed in with our knowledge also. Hope I am saying this right. Kerry56 I do understand what you were saying. Not really the way it was said, but I do understand. I promise not to talk about ANY other software on any subforum that is not dedicated to it. Again I hope I am saying this right. I was wrong Again I apologize



Nice of you to offer an apology, but I don’t see any major reason for you to do so Marty. No harm done. And we all get a bit slack on following those guidelines, myself included.

The “real” mods of the Movie Copy forum are alan1476, Wombler and bean55. The company reps are there to answer questions, bring us updates, guides, news about their programs, etc. and have very limited moderation powers that only apply to their particular subforum.


Thanks Kerry, I truly did not understand the subforum rules. will try not to break them again



Yeah the individual Movie Copy Software Sub-forums are dedicated both to the relevant programs and appropriate supporting programs. For example, AnyDVD can used as a decrypter for a range of other programs that don’t have in built decryption, and ImgBurn is very frequently used as a burning engine for other programs.

Where possible we try and keep discussions going though and where there’s something interesting being talked about we tend to move the threads to the main Movie Copy Software forum as this allows discussion of the other programs but also leaves the original topic open for further discussion, if anyone wishes to continue commenting on this.

One of the main reasons behind all of this is that we’ve had problems in the past with “fanboy” style posts criticising company mods’ software in the relevant sub-forums and saying whatever software is better than yours etc.

The company mods have taken the time to provide dedicated support to our members and their customers here so we reckon it’s fair to restrict the sub-forums to the relevant programs, as the Movie Copy Software forum is available to anyone for comparing or discussing all the various competing programs, including those without dedicated sub-forums.

Which is a very long winded way of saying yes this is correct, but it’s not exactly a major infraction though. :slight_smile: