My ANYDVD and CLONEDVD say trial expired, I have reg key

I don’t know why but about an hour and a half ago i used both of these programs to copy a dvd and now I tried to do another one and it says both of my programs trial version has expired.

I purchased registration keys for both programs and both keys are in the same folders of the programs and it doesn’t work anymore. I don’t understand it but i’m pretty frustrated. Can anybody help me out?

wher did you buy the programs from?

Please tel us how and where you bought the keys? What about the official email sent to you? Do you still have it? If not you may need to send the keys to slysoft support and have them look at them to insure they’re legit keys still.

The keys actually were given to me by a friend who doesn’t use them anymore. His computer is no good. So maybe i should send them to slysoft support and see what happens.

All in all this is your best bet due to how you got them.

Unfortunately I doubt that SS will help you
because not only did your friend share the keys with you, he shared them with the whole wide web and SS got a copy of them and have been permanently blacklisted.

or your friend may have purchased them from ebay = same diff

he said he just had an extra copy and i have been using it for at least 2 months now.

If he’s useing it and your trying to that would be against the terms and agreement.

What you are trying to do is against the EULA of Slysoft. I suggest you contact them at their support site. This thread is not helping anyone. If you are to use the software you will have buy a liscense.

Probably you should now start paying for it.

xtracopy??? :rolleyes:

Alan1476 and Tru has spoken. The end :smiley:

An extra copy is not as ridiculous as it sounds, I have extra registered copies of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD licensed legitimately from SlySoft to me.

All you need to do is email SlySoft and get them to check if the Keys are real. I am not sure however if purchased keys are transferable (James?) if they are you could get them registered in your name, if not then buy new ones.

can i ask why you need more than one copy?, or do you use them at the same time and need the different keys to keep it legal :slight_smile:

If the keys no longer work
they have obviously been multi-shared
and thus blacklisted

If someone were to share with a friend or relative or 2 tho not kosher
the keys would not get blacklisted
The end

Is there any instruction to warn the users that AnyDVD is only valid for single use? or we all try to protect Slysoft and act as safeguard of SS. Even with Microsoft products (Windows, Office) mullet user as long as in the same household is not being enforced. When User pay $40 for 1MB of program and having two computer to use it would be outrageous to say no no you can’t do that.

yes to your question.
if you search on a recent post by reasonnotrules she has posted the complete details.
I agree that if someonepays for a licence, then thet should be permitted to use it, in their household without limit, but then the developer is also concerned with movement out of the household.

I dont think we protect SS, people post obvious use of illegal hacks intentionally or not and they get answers to their questions.
I dont see any post initiated to “”“protect SS”""

If the forum changed its rules and said all hacks/cracks etc were welcomed and encouraged, then that would be another ballgame.

re MS software : not entirely correct eg latest windows ie XP it requires acrivation and then validation which keeps legal install within the licence limit
only software having activation can the limit be enforced
I for one would not mind SS developing an activation protocol and allowing 3-4 household limits

The problem here with OP is multi-sharing to the extent of posting the regkey at warez sites
this eventually gets the keys blacklisted with the the next update, and then you see frantic posts such as the OP’s when the update does come out.
Otherwise how would the key get blacklisted??


It might be helpful to review the “SlySoft Terms & Conditions” usually referred to as the “EULA”. The below Web Link to the “SlySoft Terms & Conditions” clearly states that SlySoft Software Products are only valid for single use.

It appears that if a SlySoft Customer that is aware of the SlySoft “EULA” provisions and makes other Forum Members aware of the SlySoft “EULA” provisions you somehow equate that to “protect Slysoft and act as safeguard of SS”. Many SlySoft Customers who happen to be CD Freaks Forum Members think otherwise and disagree with your equation.


Again, this thread is all speculation, if anyone wants to do something like this they need to get the authorization from the publisher, in this case it woud be Slysoft. The EULA is easy to understand but only the companys have the right to change it. Anything said here by people that are not Slysoft representatives are not be taken seriously.

Please All do not forget this forum and this site is Slysoft owned property and do not try to turn it into Slysoft forum.

Zaq: says"
If the forum changed its rules and said all hacks/cracks etc were welcomed and encouraged, then that would be another ballgame"

Please realize the use of AnyDVD by itself is Hack/crack by illegally removing Movie industry protection that why they had the court order to close DVDXcopy. So please do not try to use this type trick to scare people. If action and product of Slysoft was legal then we could go buy Any DVD from any local retail store.