My Adaptec wont download my psx game

I wanted to burn a play station game but it said the CD contained more than 100 form transistions. My thing is Adaptec Easy CD Creator Version 4.0. What does that mean and what can i do to burn a play station game. If I put Nero in will that be better than Adaptec. Please Answer

The Easy CD Creator software is not designed to copy games with copy protection. See Getting “The current track contains more than 100 form transitions” errors.

Nero would be better for this purpose, but as a general purpose program CD Mate is better for copying games.

CloneCD is specifically designed to defeat copy protections, but is not a general purpose software.

So if i installed Nero would I be able to burn my playstation games?

Although it would not be the first choice, Nero is capable of burning PSX. See this old set of instructions at PSX Copy FAQ for instructions on how to burn PSX with Nero.

If your burner doesn’t have a 1x speed, use the lowest burning speed available.

Hi M8 I use CD Clone for PSX games it will do the lot no probs use the following settings Straight CD to CD Copy


CloneCD - Elaborate Bytes

Open CloneCD.

Click the Copy CD Picture (3rd Picture along)

Read Tab

Select your CD Reader.

Select your read speed. I suggest you keep it low.

Read SubChannel Data from Data Tracks: Checked

Read SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks: Checked

The other boxes can be left unchecked.

Image File Tab

Browse for the directory that you want the image file to be extracted to.

Check the Delete After Successful Write box if you wish.

Write Tab

Select your CD Writer.

Select your write speed. I strongly suggest you burn at a maximum of 4x.

Everything should be alright as it is.

Ignore the Global tab. It is not important.

Now click the Start Disc Copy button at the bottom.

CloneCD will then read the disc and when finished write to a blank disc.


You can download the clone cd from the Elaborate Bytes web site

Hi there, a faster way to backup PSX1/2 games (only CD versions for PS2) I have found is to use CDMate.

Once installed you just use the recording wizard to make a disc image of the disc (use your CDRW to read the image file) and then it will save on your HDD. You will be shown a box with WIZARD on it on the left hand side and click into their and there is a preset setting for PSX games.

Once the image has been read, just go back to the recording wizard and click on the record image icon. Try writing the disc at 4x (MAXIMUM) at first and see if your PSX will load the game. If not try burning at a slower speed.

Finally, you do need a modchip to play these games on your PSX and be careful which media you write to. I tend to use silver bottomed Intenso 700mb discs. Some blue discs are not picked up by the PSX laser.

Good luck!!

chrome :slight_smile: