My Acer 2010A can't write cdr.. help

I’ve just bought an Acer 2010A, and can’t write the lead in track, i’ve tried clone, nero, cdrwin, without sucsess. I can burn my cdrw disc but not cdr discs… I’ve tried these media’s: Philips, Memorex (Black), and someother i can’t recall.
I’m running WinXp, an asus A7V mainboard…

Please does ne1 know why my cdrw drive fails to write the lead in track ???

What have u got it set as master/slave and to what HD/DVD?
Also make sure auto insert/DMA is unchecked in properties,my Acer is set to master as this seems to be the best bet for them although it is the 12x model not the 20x but i think any Acer drive prefers this.
Give it a go and let us no what happens,as for media i use verbatim/TDK or even unbranded cheapo disk’s without probs

Dont ask me,i aint all there