My A12XLA cannot burn disc anymore (almost)

1st, it cannot write DL
but still can write DVD+RW (TDK scratch proof)

then, after some flashes to different firmware (:o )
it cannot write DVD+RW
have tried Sony DVD+R, but same, Power Calibration Error

I just found the “5 color TAIYO YUDEN disk” from under my bed (hehe)

but I don’t wanna waste anyone of them(just about 10 of them left)

I wanna ask, is it common for A12XLA cannot write DL disk even when it’s still able to write to other disc forms? (e.g. +R, -R, +RW…etc)

there’s a retailer(almost friend of mine) say, when the burner write DL it needs more power
so it’s not surprising to see one burner cannot write DL while it still can write other disc forms…

is it correct?
(or just xyz?)

just tried

you may want to know, some very old discs…
mitsubishi -R (should be 8x)

it can write to that disc now