My A09 1.40 CD-DVD Speed results

Just done some tests with my new A09 using firmware 1.40

Firstly, Ridisc 8x (MCC 02 RG2):

Basically 8X CLV, as expected, although only the first 0.4GB or so is at 6x and Nero seems to think the whole burn is therefore 6X?

Next up is Ritek 8X (RITEK G05):

Now this is a bit concerning as these are supposed to burn at 12X Z-CLV, yet shortly after expected jump to 12X at 2.2GB, it drops back down to 8X again. Is this a bad disc or a problem with the burner?

Lastly, Verbatim 16X (MCC 03 RG2):

Well I’m also a bit concerned about this too, as I was expecting full CAV yet Nero is reporting P-CAV (what’s the difference), plus the “wobbles” in speed get a bit alarming towards the end.

Has anyone else got any observations or advice on these results or indeed can others post their own graphs (109/A09 with firmware 1.40 only!) for comparison?[/img]