My 832S doesn't work anymore = xp going nuds?


I’m new here and this is my first post. I have 2 DVD writers, 1) internal lite on type 832S and 2) external Freecom FX5. I use Win XP sp1 and since last week windows doesn’t recognize the 2 DVD writers everything I try doesn’t work. Rebooten etc…

Does anybody also have this problem?

@ The LastHero
Welcome:). Have you tried deleting/uninstalling the IDE controller for the 832 in ‘device manager’ and rebooting to let windows reinstall the drivers and redetect the burner?
For the external unit, you can try a similar thing…uninstall the USB controller in ‘device manager’(with the drive disconnected) and reboot, letting windows reinstall the drivers. THEN, plug your external USB drive and let windows find it.
If that fails, try to go to ‘add hardware’ in the control panel and find your drives.

Yes I tried this several times but it still doesn’t work.

The strangest thing is that XP doesn’t recognize any dvd writer after deleting them in the device manager.

Id say your XP installation has lost what brains it had. if it wont recongnize any DVD writer, than I think its safe to say you should reinstall.

I tried to reinstall th 832S but windows want to have the drivers. Now the problem is that I cann’t find any driver for this dvd writer. Does somebody know where I can find a good winXP driver for my 832S ?

Sometimes windows XP regonize the DVD-player, but if look with Nero burning rom at the my DVD-disc info it’s says that there is a cd in the drive??? very strange.

Unfortunately, there are NO DRIVER in WinXP for CD/DVD drives. Time to reformat? :sad:

I just did a reinstall, but it still doesn’t work. I think I have to do a format c and try it al again.