My 812s problems



hello, i recently updated my firmware US0F to US0J
now i always get coasters, PI are always over the roof, its more like its burning the cd with real fire!@
not happy :*( :eek: :frowning: :sad:

anyway, before i updated the firmware, i was on US0F firmware, and it worked perfect, i reverted back to US0F and got good burn quality agains without any coasters. On the forums i see people using the US0J and had good scans, does any1 know why my 812s won’t work with latest firmware
and also, the blanks i used are the same. RitekG04…



:Z :Z im having the same problem with that firmware


Hmm. I find it odd that US0J would cause such problems, as US0F works fine for me with G04. But, well, as the saying goes, “results may vary.” If US0F works well for you, then keep using US0F. :slight_smile: If you want bitsetting for US0F, you can try to download a version of US0F with bitsetting support.