My 812s@832s YUDEN000T02 Kprobe question?

I have an 812s@832s using the latest CG3B , changing nothing except adding bitsetting with omnipatcher.

Using all DVD +R YUDEN000T02 burned @ 8X (stock strategy, no tweaks) sold in the fujifilm spindles at Fry’s.

first i burned 1 disc using the VS0B firmware (as is, no tweaks,speed,etc.)

Not bad, except for the mountain at the beginning, which I wonder, what caused it?

Next I flashed to the CG3B and only added bitsetting, no tweaks nothing else changed. Burned 2 in a row.

not bad except for the mountain at the beginning again…I noticed when burning the beginning, the drive is spinning slower, then speeds up , is the slow burn speed initially, responsible for the mountain?

so next i burned one at 4x just to see the write quality

(not attached)
this YUDEN000T02 media definitely does NOT like slower burn speed.

so next i burned 4 movies in a row, here are the first and last, great burns except the HUGE mountain at the beginning again…so I ask this:
Is it this media, my drive/pickup or is there something else to try to get rid of that mountain?


Seems there are several of us who have been having problems with the combination of Fujifilm T02s and 812S/832S drives. Perhaps this brand of Yuden T02 is to be avoided…

They work fine on the nec 3500 drive so it is something to do with the 832s /812s I have both drives so I will try one in my 832s running vsob stock and let you know… I know the discs are good and burn fine at 16x in my nec 3500

I’ve got an 812s@832s using the CG3B firmware and I just got 50 of the YUDEN000T02. They are the plain TY discs, and not with a Fuji label.

I’ve burned 3 discs so far (at 8x) out of the 50 and they came out perfectly. No ‘mountain effect’ in the Kprobe test. This is after having some bad dealings with a couple different types of Prodisc DVD-Rs. These burn 100 times better. All of the set top DVD players here at home play the TY discs with no problems.