My 812S@832S is only burning at 4x & can't figure it out!



I had a TDK440N external and had a firmware issue, but it was still under warranty so they sent me this external rebadged liteon 812s, it is supposed to burn at 8x but since I got it a weekago it has never burned more than 4x, I am using Sony 8x -R and also Maxell 8x -R, I fixed my TDK’s slow burn speed by flashing it, so I flashed the 812s to the newest version of firmware thru lite-on to no avail, then flashed it to the newest “higher quality burn” 832s through codeguy and it actually reads slightly slower and averages a slower burn time but never peaks more than 4x. I have DMA turned on, in both ide controllers. I have been searching for 2 days and can’t seem to narrow down the problem.


Just suggestion.Please try to connect your drive in other known working machine. try to enable the DMA mode of the drive. Try to burned again and see the results.


having this same problem with my drive - Has never burned more then 4x. I think could this be a sp2 problem? ( had sp2 before i bought the drive )


Your dma settings have nothing to do with a external drive. If the external case isn’t the original it may be that it will not let the drive burn anymore than 4x. I have run up on that before and have a lg 4163 in an external that stops at 8x but stil does a hell of a job.


Let me know if you figure it out, I also have Service Pack 2 on my Win 2000 machine here at work.