My 716SA nightmare

I didn’t want to join this forum! It seems that all the answers were already here, all written down by the wonderful & ressourceful cdfreaks! But alas, I tried just about everything (see below) and am still not able to make a good DVD from my 716SA.

But it wasn’t always like this…

Here’s the story: I had some weird problems at the beginning such as the explorer page just freezing up once every now and then (having to terminate its process) when I was trying to access the DVD’s or CD’s content . Frames were also skipping on DVD movie playback. Got word “eventually” that it could be the SATA cable. And it was.

I said good, finally the thing is working! Hum…

At that point I could burn CDs and DVDs, but strangely enough I never was or in very rare random occasions, able to reach the maximum speed mentioned by the CD/DVD’s specs. In fact I had to drop at least half the speed to finally be able to burn some. Still on different occasions it caused some coasters…

Then after a while, it started to go BAD… Burning up until at a non specific/non repetitive part of the process and just freezing up my Nero. The only thing still running was its duration timer. But the rest was kaput… At that point, I had to forget about it, and force shut down the pc because nothing would work, it was impossible to close. A very similar problem was described here.

Got tired and went to my store so they could test it, and they did and said the burner worked well and did a fews burns without any problem. Did they do the job thoroughly? I have some minor doubts, but usually they are good guys.

Put it back in my pc, and it happened a few more times, tried a few things and still the same problem.

But even got yesterday the dreaded bluescreen with stuff I just don’t understand. Continued step after step and I was still constanly getting flawless credentials for my contributions to Coaster Land…

But now the new thing is, it burns up til 99% and then gives me a “No seek complete” message and scraps the DVD…

Here are all the things I tried so far (in no specific order):

1-Changed card firmware
2-Changed plextor firmware
3-Tried a different SATA cable socket
4-Checked compability list - I’m not listed
5-Tried different mediums, the most used, Cheap Dynex DVD-R and good
6-Tried 2 different versions of Nero (6.6 and 7)
7-Tried my TMPG DVD author to burn a VIDEO TS, went ok and said the DVD
burnt fine but it wouldn’t play on my PC nor my DVD player.
8-Tried the Plextools, all seemed fine according to it (writing test), yet I don’t
understand what the other test features do and what should I learn from
9-Removed the nvidia IDE driver
10-Did the self test thing and it went OK!!!

So as you can see I have no freaking clue as what is going on now! And the worst is I got to burn DVDs of my (first feature) film real fast to not miss festival deadlines…

The only thing I haven’t tried is what the PC store guy told me to do: format, and redo my XP… Man I do not want to go there, cause this means more than a week or reinstalling the tons of apps I got…

Yes I have a ghost, but I would rather come back with an XP in english since I got a french version now (even though it’s my native tongue anyway).

Is there anyone who can figure out this thing here? I’m so tired to have spent hours beyond end trying to arrange this, please, please, please help me!!!


Since the diagnostic and PTP write transfer test work ok, chances are it is software issue. Check msconfig and disable all startups that are not MS. Uninstall any software like Alcohol 120%.

BTW, if you do the PTP write test and then PI/PO test, it graphs the error rate on the disc. The lower the better.

What is the firmware version/TLA of the drive?

Most of the BSOD’s I have seen are caused by a bad IDE cable or connections and S ATA is not the best if you have been playing around inside your PC. After you have done what bob11879 suggested I would try another S ATA cable and or check the connectors. Hopefully you removed the nVidia drivers this way.

Also a quick thing to do is to dissable any anti virus, firewalls and the like before opening up a burning session. Some use a ton of your system memeroy and cause a lock up if you don’t have alot of mem in your system. I use CA eTrust internet security suite and it wreaks havoc when i try to burn with it on.

I tried a new SATA cable and I managed up til now to burn 3 Maxell DVD-R in a row without problems. Alhtough it would still give me the same error with my cheap Dynex DVD-R and then scrap it. How strange when my old early pionneer was burnining them fine until it died recently.

So I don’t really know if it’s the SATA cable (or the fact that my PX just woke up from a bad dream), if so I consider these wires really weak, cause this is the third replacement since february… Otherwise I’m saddened by the fact that this burner is picky dvd-r wise.

Anyway, thanks alot for your help and hopefull it’ll stay allright for a long while!

Oh, and bob11879, my firmware was the latest (1.09) by the way.

Thank you all!


I dont now, if im helping, or confusing…

But once, i did mount a new PC, to a ex-girlfriend mine.

The Motherboard was a Asus, if i`m not wrong, equal yours…

And, i remember also, tha it was very instable! Blue Screens, freezing, without doing nothing etc,etc,even with top memorry`s, Powersuply, and last Bios…

Maybe, you should check in internet, some issues with that board?