MY 716A Stop reading and writing CD

My 716A stop reading writing Cd’s but it read and write DVD,s MY 716SA on the other is perfect . have any of you guys seen that problem before? Please let me know what i can try to solve this problem

Sadly yes, this is one of the most common hardware failures of DVD Recorders (see e.g. here, but you’ll find more cases on the forums). They have separate optics for CDs and DVDs, so probably the CD-side is gone while the DVD-side is fine. Exactly the same happened to me with my PX-712A :frowning: ; if you are within the warranty period you can ask for a RMA, otherwise you’ll have to buy a new drive.

Just to be 100% sure that it’s not a software problem (HIGHLY unlikely), make sure that your system can boot from the drive and try with a bootable CD (knoppix, etc).



Thank You Eltranquil for the great Info i guess i will have to replace this drive because i am in the US and the warranty period is one year.

Run the self test to be sure.