My 716A is dead! power calibration error

My plextor 716A just died on me. i tried to burn a dvd and it strangely took so long for it to initialize the burn. ABout 2 minutes later it would give me an error msg saying “Power Calibration Error”. So i ran the self diagnostic test and the end result was the blinking green lights which the mnual says a calibration error. This is such a dissapointment, i’ve had two plextor drives (8432 and premuim) that worked incredibly well but the 716A is the first one to give me problems.

Anyway if anyone has anymore troubleshooting suggestions please post away. I’ve already emiled plextor and they gave me an RMA form to fill out. For anyone here in canada, how long does it take for plextor to RMA a drive??? If its anything like their rebate (i waited FOUR months), then i guess i’ll be without a burner for a while.

FW 1.08
TLA 0203
man: January 2005

Go here:

They do the warranty work for Canada. Create a customer id, then log in. You should be able to figure out where to go from there. Basically, you’ll answer a few questions and fill out a box why you think the drive should be RMA’d. If accepted, they’ll email you an RMA number and ask you to log in again to fill out shipping info etc.

I sent mine via Canada Post on a Thursday and the replacement arrived the following Tuesday. It might take longer for you depending on how far from Toronto you live.

thanks for the tip
what was wrong with your plextor drive btw? was it also a 716A?

Ouch, I remember the days of CD burners when “Power Calibration Error” for me meant restart the PC and try again… I guess it’s gotten more serious, or something.

It produced high PIE/PIFs, and the occasional POF on top-quality media. No, it was a PX712a. The replacement was a refurb unit, but the scans it produces are as good as any you’ll see in this forum so no complaints from me.

After 2 years and 3 mounths I encountered the same problem on all my dvd-s that I was trying to burn. I tried all the solutions and NOTHING. The only thing that really worked was opening the drive and carefully cleaning the laser lens with a cotton stick and alcohool (you gonna find a lot of dust inside of the recorder). Now is working better than new. If you guys have lost warranty you should try this. You have nothing to lose. I hope I’m usefull. Good Luck !!!

I can vouch for this method also. I started getting “Power calibration error” and “Focus or tracking error” with my 716A. I tried the “disconnect laser unit cable” method, carefully vacuuming the unit, cleaning the rails and clearing the autostrategy database, and updating fw. One or more of these steps appeared to cure it for a while.

But then I started getting the same errors again and finally it refused to burn anything at all. Since I too was out of warranty I figured I had nothing to lose.

The lens didn’t actually look dirty but after swiping it once with a clean piece of fabric soaked in isopropyl alcohol it’s working like new. After having done the cleaning a couple of weeks ago I’ve performed about 20 burns of which none have failed.

I only have thos errors with Verbatim +R 16X TY…

Go figure…

Me too I was using those Verbatims disks wen the errors appears. After cleaning my lens how I describe before, I burned 50dvd-s without no erros. So…try…nothing to lose. :wink: