My 716a does'nt seem to like Verbatim?!



Just bought 50 pack of Verbatim 8x DVD-R from BB.When I do a media quality check with Plextools 8x,says I may get errors at that write speed???DVD identifier, MCC 02rg20.If I try the same test at 6x,says media is good.I thought Verbatim (MCC) were some of the better media.By the way FW 1.04.Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this,but I always get quick replies here.Thanks.



I haven’t had much success with MCC02RG20 and my PX-712A, but others have. I guess it’s an individual drive thing. Are you referring to the FE/TE test? I haven’t figured out how to change the speed the drive tests the discs at. I try to change it at the Write Transfer Rate screen but when I run the FE/TE it always runs at max for the media.


That is the idea behind it … test the disc at it’s supported speed and advise the user to lower the speed if FE/TE are off-limits.

BTW … MCC -R media doesn’t run as good as MCC +R on my 712A as well so I try to stay away from it (to be honest, I try to stay away from -R media in general) …


Thats my luck,had the Verbatim DVD+R in my hand and decided to give the - a try!!But they should be O.K. at 6x if it judges them as good???Thanks again.



here’s some Verbatim + versus - scans. these are 16X rated media though…i like + better overall.

PX716A [TLA0101 Nov. '04]
MCC 004 Verbatim 16X DVD+R 25pk [Best Buy]
@16X [PR ON, AS ON]…dropped to 12X near the end
Time: 6:03

(btw, im tired of screenshotting all my scans…ask if you want to see more details)


beta/jitter for the above


PX716A [TLA0202 Nov. '04]
MCC 03RG20 Verbatim 16X DVD-R 25pk [Best Buy]
@16X [PR ON, AS ON]…dropped to 12X near the end
Time: 6:40


beta/jitter for the above -R burn


drpino,thank you for ALL the info!But much of it is WAY over my head!!I just wondered if the media is judged as “good” at 6x,SHOULD they burn O.K.???I’ve burned a couple at 6x,and the SUM8/SUM1 look good(everything under 20)!!So maybe I just answered my own question!!!Still don’t understand why I have to underspeed these disks?!Thanks again.



you should be able to burn them at 8X and if the media itself is to blame, PoweRec should kick in and drop the speed where appropriate. sounds like 6X works just fine (as you said the sum8 is below 20…though sum1 should be below 4).

have you attempted to burn at 8X? download CD/DVD Speed ( and run a “Create Data Disc” and post the write graph. that should show you if and when PoweRec is dropping the write speed at all.


I don’t know if I did this wright!!!I will also do a TDK+R 4x,CMC.Also,stupid question,are these data disks good for anything now?Or are they just coasters??Thanks.



looks like it’s successfully writing at 8X. what do the sum8 and sum1 scans look like? if they’re still reasonable i.e. PIE<280 (preferably <100) & PIF<4 it’s safe to say you can write at 8X.


This is from TDK DVD+R 4x.Going to run SUM8/SUM1 scans now.Thanks.



looks like PoweRec kicked in on the TDK disc. not uncommon at all since you’re overspeeding by 2X. unfortunately when you create a data disc it’s full of useless data. CD/DVD Speed 3.61 actually allows you to burn .NRG (Nero Image Files) instead of crap data. you need to write to the Image Recorder in NERO to get this format.


Verbatim DVD-R 8x,SUM8.


that’s a damn good scan…looks like you’re having good success at 8X. btw, you can manually change the scale of the graph under preferences to get a closer look if you want. instead of selecting 100 or 500 just type in 20 or whatever (makes it easier to read the graphs).


Here is SUM1 test.Thanks drpino,so drive seems O.K.?Might be media?I will do SUM8/SUM1 on the TDK DVD+R 4x,and post them!Thanks.



that’s a great sum1 scan too. i’m not sure what your question is anymore? “Might be media?”…i think we’ve concluded that your drive can write the Verbatims at 8X.


Sorry to be a bother,just trying to get this figured out!!Verbatims are O.k.,But what do you make of this SUM8 scan of TDK DVD+R 4x??Running SUM1 now.These burned at 8x,can I(should I) try the same test at 4x?Thanks.



hmm, that spike in the beginning is terrible and corresponds to the increasing speeds and slowdowns in the write graph you posted before but everything after that is fine (even at 8X). i would guess it’s a media problem. have you looked at the write side of the discs to see if there’s any spotting, dust, etc.? i would do another write (if you’re willing to waste another disc) and if the same PIE spike happens then seems like the inner most part of the media is bad.