My 712A results

Let me start by saying my last 2 DVD burners were Lite-On drives. The LDW 811S, great drive I must say and the 1213S Crappola, can’t burn the same media as the 811S at 8X RICOHJPN01 rev 2.

My new Plextor drive right out of the box looked great updated the FW to 1.04, Its very solid and when the tray opened I barely heard it and very sterdy unlike the Lite-ON drives.
First I decrypted a movie and it did it in record speed for me, 11.9X.
I burned a TDK 4X RICOHJPN01 rev 2. at 8X with out a single issue
I tried to burn the disk that came with the drive at 12X and all the way up until the 3 gig area of the disk it was perfect then it went a little crazy and became unreadable. So far I would give this drive a perfect 10.
I don’t think the fact that my 12X failed is any fault of the drive I just don’t think there is a lot of media that can handle 12X yet.

Congrats with your 712A. It seems that you don’t have the problem that I have (can’t burn 4x media @8x). Could you tell us more:

  • the drive TLA# and made in date,
  • are you in the US or Europe?
  • is the TDK +R or -R?
  • what software to rip/decrypt and burn?

TLA# 0102
TDK+R I always use +R disks
DVD Decrypter 3.2.3
DVD 2 to 1

Windows XP SP2 Final
P4P800-D Bios 1016
2X 74 GIG WD-Raptors on the Intel ICH5R
1 GIG OCZ PC4000 C2.5
Radon 9800XT
Audigy Gamer
Cable modem using onboard nic

Well I burnt a couple more DVD’s all at 8X and a couple of CDR’s at 48X and this drive is rock solid for me. It’s by far the best drive I ever owned but it is expensive.

Expensive? In Europe price dropped to 100€, i. e. 122USD. I think this is good value.

It’s true, the price keeps getting lower. Mine was £116 about 7 weeks ago just before there was a sudden drop in price. Now they are £70 at my local stockist, not much more than other manufacturers. In fact they’re starting to look like something of a bargain, esp. with the two year warranty that we enjoy in Europe.

I’m sure a new model release is imminent.