My 708A not recognizing Verbatim 24x CD-RW

Very peculiar problem with my 708A this problem only occurs with 24x CD-RWs. I have 4 drives in my rig, a 716a, 708a, plex premium, sony dvd-rom. I used a brand new Verbatim 24x CD-RW and burned 650MB of data with my 708a after burning is finished and I reinsert the disc the drive does not recognize it.

My other 3 drives recognize it just fine. The 708a tries seeking the disc but ends up blinking amber. Does anyone know what it means when the drive blinks amber when seeking a disc? The drive (708a) burns and reads CD-Rs and DVD±R/RWs fine it just doesn’t recognize 24x CD-RWs however, it seeks and reads 32x CD-RWs that my premium burns fine. Very strange problem.

M8 i had this problem , but with dvd’s that it had burn’t …
I ended up RMA’ing it , all’s fine now …

You should have read the FAQ :wink:

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