My 552U can't do quality scans

Hello all.

I have a TS-H552U which I would like to use for quality scans. I know it can do because I 've seen posts of member “zhadoom” at
with scans of the same drive.

I have tried the same firmware and cd-speed version but still nothing. Is there any trick?

This is what I get when I start cd-speed


yes, there is a trick: TSST drives are blocked by CD/DVD Speed, you’ll have to edit the list of blocked drives, that is located in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality

Also you can try KProbe - it is intended to be used with Liteon drives, but it works also with some Samsung drives, at least for scanning DVD discs.


Thank you very much mciahel for the help.