My 5045 Just Blew Up

Unit has been working “flawlessly” for a year now. Turned it on yesterday and had the following error message “Action Failure. Please contact our customer service for recovery. Error Code 0x81060BOD.”

The dvd function and tv tuner still work as normal. Accessing the hard drive I get the message above with Error Code 0x81170801.

Liteon tech tells me the code refers to memory commands for the hard drive. They are sending me a disk to load into the unit to update the software. I guess the easiest thing to check is the way to go “but” I wonder how this can be software related? ie- - machine works just fine for a year and then pulls up lame. Can there be “viruses” at play (I dont think so?) or can software get corrupted just thru normal use??

I thought once a unit works over 3-4-5 months it is supposed to be “proven good” but that is not working out with this unit?

Frustrating. Any advice or details on what these error codes mean and how its software and not hardware related?? Will update this thread as it hopefully resolves?///bobbo.

If they’re sending you a disc with software on then this is probably just a disc with the firmware upgrade file on it.

Why not save some time by going to the LiteON IT site and downloading the firmware yourself?

Paul B

I asked tech this same question. They said it was something different.

I also got a response to the email I sent in first. It said to defrag the hard drive. That did not work. So, in a fit of frustration, I erased the hard drive and that did restore everything good as new. Now I just have to wonder how often I will lose everything I have recorded? Might as well have an 80gig or smaller hard drive if everything needs to be copied to dvd ASAP? Nothing noticeable happened to cause this error. Just adds to that mystery we call life???