My 5006 was delivered tonight at 5PM



I’ve yet to open the box. May wait until the weekend. Just so’s to shorten the time I might have to complain to the eBay seller about any problems. :stuck_out_tongue:

Naturally, my 5005 is apparently aware of its rival’s presense, and I’ve found that on a four hour disc I made tonight off my TiVo (FARSCAPE: THE PEACEKEEPER WARS), there doesn’t seem to be any problem with cabbage-face or jerky movements, not even for a second or two. (Of course, I’ve not played the whole disc back, but on an earlier run problems showed up sooner.)

I suspect the 5005 is going into sibling rivalry shock, as it knows the '06 has a stereo tuner and could easilly replace it without me shedding many tears, or so it might think. Little does it know that if I keep both, the '06 will likely get hooked up to the half-price HDTV tuner I got on eBay months ago and never set up (now I need a better antenna… sigh) so the stereo tuner will STILL be a moot point.

Of course, it IS nice to see the '05 behaving so nicely, fearing for its life and all.

I’m considering insisting it go to the kitchen while I’m watching shows and fetch me snacks, but then that’d mean getting a much longer set of cables so the playback isn’t interrupted. And then there’s always the danger of it spilling something liquid into itself, and trips to the nearest electronics ER can be so expensive these days! (And yet you’d hate to see the poor thing suffer, opening and closing the disc drawer while little sparks leap from it and occasional puffs of smoke curl amusingly from the vents.)

Yes, I’ve gone quite “nutter” tonight, but by the end of the weekend no doubt there’ll be a return to the usual hair-pulling normalcy of getting new units to do what they were made to do.

Gotta go now. Rygel the 16th is getting a message from his treacherous cousin who stole his throne, and he’s likely to get into quite a snit over it. (Nothing like pretending you don’t know what’s happening on a show you first watched October last…and SEVERAL times since then. :wink: )