My 4x burner wont burn sony disks at right speed



hello guys

i’m a complete newbie and appreciate if someone can figure out the problem?? also not very technical so if you can please explain things as simply as possible?! hehe

ill try to give as much info as i can–

sony dvd+rw 4x (sony s11)
Manufacturer Code: 10DPW120AS2
made in taiwan

ive got two pics (not sure if they are showing) that show some details of my dvd drive and the driver-
it says my optical drive is HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4082N

i have no idea what that means… lol - does anyone know what brand that is or how to upgrade the driver for it?

so for some strange reason when i try to back up some important files nero only allows me to burn it at 2.4 speed (ive added pics)

hope someone can help case its been stressing me out!



Your drive is an older LG 4082 drive and it is doing what it is supposed to. The media you are using will only burn at that speed. If you want higher speeds you need to get a newer RW media. You should also post in the LG forum to see if anyone has a suggestion on getting a newer firmware to help with newer media.
Because it is a GWA it is generic and may not work with the GSA firmware. Newer models do but I am not sure about the older models.

Oops, missed the 4X designation. My fault for not being current on Sony media. The newer firmware shoud do the trick as said below. The current version is A208.

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Your burner’s firmware probably does not recognize those particular discs (media code S11), so it’s reverting back to 2.4x. Your burner is an LG, with newer, updated firmware there’s a good chance it will recognize the media code and burn them at 4x.

Here’s a link in the LG forum here at Cdfreaks that has links to LG firmware -

Update to the latest firmware for your drive and give it another try.


thank you so much for the warm welcome chas0039,

it is odd because i burn other DVD media like philips and Tdk at 4x speed with no probs

thanks scoobiedoobie for the link,i’m going to have a look straightaway to see if i could find a more current driver

thank you for pointing me in the right direction and i will be giving feedback in a few moments

its nice to be part of this forum especially with knowledgable people! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


oh guys help!


i don’t get which driver i’m supposed to update to!

chas0039- on the lg site i found A208, but it says its for an 8x speed burner?? (i posted a pic)

so so confused


oh such a blonde! forgot the pic


PS my drive is supposed to be 4x


Ok, so your burner is 8x for +R or -R media. Although, since you’re burning ±RW medium, it can only burn up to 4x. So you can burn ±R at 8x and ±RW at 4x. Since manufacturers use ±R speed to “name” their models, LG stands it as 8x burner ^^


And make sure you post a question in the LG forum to make sure you can crossflash the drive without trashing it.


thank you Muageto for clearing that up

Chas0039, i really appreciate your help but you totally threw me by mentioning crossflashing… like i mentioned i am computer illiterate and so don’t understand what that is and why i would need to do that??

thought updating a driver took a couple of clicks?


You are flashing from a generic drive to an LG drive. The drives are the same, but many generic drives will not accept the original firmware from the manufacturer. GWA is generic while GSA is official LG. Some GWA drives will accept the GSA firmware with no problem, but I am not certain about yours. That is why you should post another question in the LG forum telling them you have a GWA 4082 and you want to flash to the GSA version, asking if anyone has done this. Flashing firmware is a critical procedure when it is exactly what the manufacturer expected. Crossflashing between generic and official is a problem for BenQ, Pioneer, and others; they need a fix. Others don’t. You should check before you proceed and find out it would trash your drive.


Thank you so much Chas0039 for explaining it to me… its alot clearer now :slight_smile:

somehow was hoping i wouldnt need to flash it…

is it possible to try updating the firmware from lg for GSA 4082 model on my GWA 4082 model? or is there a risk i might trash the hard drive still?

kind regards


As explained by [B]chas0039[/B], GWA is an OEM model and LG (or the OEM) mostly cripples the firmware to save licensing costs eg. for DVD-RAM etc.
Crossflashing to GAA should be possible.

Is it a slimtype (Laptop) or Half-height (desktop) internal drive?


thank you Chef,

i think i got it now :slight_smile:

it is a laptop computer that i have


I’ve not seen this mediacode (on a +RW) before.

Maybe you just should try with other +RW media.


i think i will get some verbatim disks… it seems people generally recommend them whereas havent heard so much about philips media

thank you chef for your recommendations

and for everyone who took the time to help me!


Maybe this can help you to decide:

and the media you have:


thank you chef

looks like a good website so definitely will check it out

will post some feedback if i find the verbatims to work also