My 4824 is acting strange

Hello… Im having strange problems with my Plextor 4824. While the drive burns perfectly all kind of media, it refuses to read the discs it just have burned… well at least quality media. I mean those recomended on the plextor website (currently using Verbatin DataLifePlus manufactured in Taiwan and a bunch of TYs). The drive starts to make strange noises, spins the dics and stop, starts to spin and stops… after a long time (and it was supposed to be one the fastests drives accesing the CDs) it display the content of the CD, but the read is very, very slow…
What its more strange is that the drive reads perfectly without any problem and access fast low quality media (as Verbatim DataLife manufactured by CMC)… This drive is old. I have burn a million of disc and I know that maybe its time has come… but, does anyone has any answer about this strange acting?
Thanks in advance

You could try flashing it to an older firmware and then back; but most likely it just wants to retire =).