My 451s wont flash

i always get an error at about 25% when flashing my drive to the new 451s firmware or any of the patched 451s@832s firmware (from …HELP!

I read posts but no one seems to be having the same problem…and yes…my drive IS a LDW-451S.


someone help…?

now it won’t even flash to the bios from…help!!!

:frowning: i can’t afford another dvd-rw drive…

Posting 3 times in rapid succession asking people to hurry up will not help you get a faster answer.

It seems that you have a ASPI problem. Windows is not a very stable platform for flashing, which is why there are many drive makers who avoid Windows flashing when possible. Try the flash in DOS using MtkFlash. There’s information about MtkFlash posted in several prominent places in the forum.