My 451S Solution



Like many of you folks here I had the same problem of being able to burn a dvd…but then not being able to properly read it. At first I thought the drive was faulty, but I then tested it in my roomates computer and it worked flawlessly. Since our systems were somewhat similar i started swapping components to see what was giving me thr trouble. Nothing seemed to work until i switched the power supply. attached is a kprobe scan of a burn done on my own system with my roomies power supply. Check your power folks. I dont know if this helps anyone…but i thought id post it anyway.


Oh by the way…I dont know the first thing about kprobe…ive only started using it tonight…is this a good scan? what other info should i post?


Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting. That scan is good for RITEKR03.

Yes, the powersupply is starting to becoming an area of concern, when using Liteon drives, and one that many should investigate as a possible cause of their problem…