My 4163b wont burn dvd-r other than on multisession

hi ,

my lg 4163b dvd burner can write dvd+r and dvd+rw but for dvd-r it cant write more than 3.5gb at a stretch so i have to use multisession.if i try to write like more than 4 gb the buffer reading at the bottom in nero is stuck at zero and progress is stuck at 5%.then i have to restart system to eject the disc and it becomes unusable.

i have checked the dma and its fine.i use nero 6.6.
System config:
Amd 64,512mb ram,windows xp

i ve searched this entire page for solutions(maybe i dint search too well) but dint get any so i decided to register.if u need anymore details let me know.Thanx a billion.

It might depend on the brand of -R media you’re using, also the A105 firmware seems to burn some -R media much better than previous firmwares.

What media are you using? Nero’s CD-DVD Speed will give you the media ID.

i tried cd-dvd spped test it wont run and my drive locks itself… i use a brand called melody.its works fine with my friends pc.similar configuration.pls help me out…thanx

Roll back to the default Mircosoft IDE drives.

Melody is not good media at all. I know because I have used it. Different batches of the discs are made by different companies so you can never tell exactly what you are buying, despite the fact that they look identical to each other.

Some of the companies that make discs for them are among the most horrible in terms of quality. I have some of their discs with a media code of MEDIA-ID-001. Nobody has ever been able to figure out who makes these discs.

Some of the discs also have problems with the top coat flaking or rotting off.

It may well be that the problem is with those discs. Switch to using some high quality media and see if that helps.

i tried switchin media tried moserbaer,graphiti and sony still no is it that it can write exactly till around 3.9 gb but not 4 gb or more.dvd+r works perfectly but not dvd-r.

And sorry for my ignorance but ala42 what shud i do to roll back to default ide.btw if its of any help my writer is connected to master of secondary ide.

and one more doubt ala42 since u r MediaCodeSpeedEdit Author i wanna know can i use ur firmware patch for a105 without installing a105… right now i use a104 firmware.thanks.

Use better media, the ones you have are cheap crap, to be honest.

ok thanx but now i tried samsung it still does not work.

You mean Samsung DVD media? Samsung doesn’t make DVD media.

i dunno in india u do get it…must be some fake crap

i think samsung does make dvd-r cos check this

10 points.


Samsung’s DVDs are known to be horrible as well. Those are possible even worse than Melody. Here’s a word of advice : why not get hold of some 4x DVD+RW discs to use for testing? (these brands should be ok : Verbatim, Sony, Ricoh) That way if the burn fails before the end, you can just erase and reuse. This is better than wasting one disc each time you do a test. It will save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

I read of a few people who had problems similar to yours. They found out that the lubication on the rails inside the drive was not applied properly. That was why the drive seemed only to be able to burn up to a certain point. The solution was to open up the drive and lubricate the rails. After that things were ok. I must caution you that if you try this, it will void your warranty because you will have to open up the drive.

I don’t remember which threads this came from but if you do a search for “rail” and “4163” you might be able to find it. I recommend that you look for that thread though, because it will have much more detailed instructions than I just gave you.

thanx karangguni,

but as i mentioned it does write dvd+r and dvd+rw entirely upto 4.3 something gb(i just checked dvd+rw too it works fine).
I guess the prob is with some configuration or something cos dvd-r sony too aint working.
As for verbatim n ricoh u dont get those brands here.
and i have a dvd reader too do u think there is a possibilty of some conflict(cos i cant copy without copyright dvd’s directly from dvd reader to the burner also with dvd-r but dvd+r its possible)
i gave the piece for service n they tested it in another pc infront of me it worked fine.
Additional Info:
The buffer level below the process status when writing dvd-r greater than 4 gb is empty-0%.Why is it so??
My problem are only with dvd-r n so i doubt it could be a hardware prob.

“up to 4.3 something” ???

A single layer DVD can only hold a max of 4.38 GB of data!

BTW, which specific UDF version have you used on this media?

what i meant is dvd+r writes 4.38gb

dvd-r writes max 3.9 odd gb and i can write the remaining on next multisession

my udf is 1.02

Makes not really a sense when -R were limited up to 3.9…

The question remains is: For what Multisession on -R and at all???

ok here is the entire story i collect divx movies. 6 700 mb movies fit in a dvd right.However i cant burn 6 movies at a single stretch even though there is enough space remaining on the dvd-r because the drive locks itself and buffer reads zero percent.So i write them 4 first session and the remaining two on next session ok.

when i use dvd+r i can write all six at a single stretch and there is no problem shown by the buffer.

hope this is the answer to ur question

i used dvd identifier n checked all the media i used they are manufactured by sony , interaxia, vanguard , tdk.

The highlighted media are crap.