My 4163 has changed colour

Just messing around with my new digicam, the Canon A85. Cracking camera for the money. Thought i would share my newly coloured 4163 :slight_smile:

BTW, the Antec case is the best case i have ever owned.

Very pretty!

Did you just spay it using black paint or did you use more sophisticated methods?

Just removed the face plate and sprayed it with standard car paint. The contrast between the drawer/button and the drive looks better than all the same colour IMO

P.s The colour is ROVER mettallic steel grey as it was the closest i could find to match my Antec mettalic grey case. :slight_smile:

P.P.s Let the paint dry for longer than usual. The 4163 drawer is a snug fit :eek:

Car paint seems to work very well. Is it baby-friendly? :bigsmile: (My baby loves drives, but only for taste, literally.)

I would not like to try and find out :bigsmile: