My 40x burner is now writing at 16x

I have a tdk401248X, and have found that when i now burn files or cd copying etc, it only writes at 16x MAX. Also, before it was in DMA mode, now it is in PIO mode even though i changed it so that it is “DMA if available.” I am sure that this drive supports dma!. The brung times are now over 5 mins, wheras it was approx 3 before! I NEED HELP!!!

Anybody have any solutions?

Try this !

go into device manager and delete the follownig:

DVD/CD-ROM : Delete your burner and cdroms or dvdrom everything !

then delete

IDE ATA/ATA Controlers : Delete everything in there !

and reboot everything will be found again and then do a final reboot !

and you should be all set if that dont work then look in your bios and make shure the onboard ide channels are all set to AUTO

oki good luck…

Why does it do that? I used to have to unplug all my drives (AOpen 1640 DVD Slot drive and my TDK burner) and then install them again so that they may be rerecognised!.

Also, i have also found out that Clonecd burns cds much slower than on Nero! sometimes up to 2 mins!! even when i select 40X in all profiles on both software!

BTW thanx Virus2k. Your method is extremely better than to uninstall all drives and reinstall, which i used to use LOL!!:slight_smile: :cool: :bigsmile:

Originally posted by nismohks
…when i now burn files or cd copying etc, it only writes at 16x MAX.
Check all the write settings, in all profiles, by using the context-sensitive menu off the burner (right click). Audio, for example, is set to 16x max…

IDE ATA/ATA Controlers : Delete everything in there !

Hold on a second !

what if one of the hard drives are attched to the Primary IDE/ATA controller? Then how are you going to boot up. Even the PnP requires some OS to initialise or run first befor the IDE ports gets re-recognised again.

If the hard drive was connected to the extra DMA cotroller or a Raid controller the this suggestion would be right on, is that the case here ?

There was no mention as to what is the OS used in here, but judging by the nature of the problem encountered I would assume that the OS in question is Win XP. As it is the OS that has a tendency to change the IDE transfer mode from UDMA to PIO if it believes that it sees a problem with the IDE controller some how.

This has been extremely annoying and very difficult to deal with at times which make relying on the native Win XP drivers a nightmare at times.

As if you do not have the HDDs installed in an Auxillary DMA port i.e. Raid controller ( NOT Raided) there would be no way to rectify this annoying problem with out the format. As you can not just unistall the primary IDE controller and hope for it to come back.

If the HDD is attached to the Primary IDE controller like most systems do then it would be very difficult if not impossible to uninstall the IDE controller in DM and hope for it to be found by PnP upon boot up as it would NOT BOOT.

The only way that you could stop this from happening in the future is to make sure that you install the latest chipset drivers relevant to your mother board chipset. i.e. Intel or VIA or SIS . . .

If you are running the Intel chipset then their so called Application Accelerator which is the same as the IDE driver specific for intel can be very handy as it would lock the IDE transfer mode to what they are and stops the OS fiddiling around with them.

This is similar if you have a VIA chipset board, (Futureproof’s favorite chipset . . . ) as the latest 4in1 drivers would do exactly the same task.

Last but not least, updating your ASPI drivers would give your system a good over all recognition of the CD/CDRW peripherals.

As for Clone writing slower than Nero it realy depends what you are burning and what settings you are using in Clone.

Replacing the 40 Pin IDE cables that normally comes with the burner to the UDMA 80 Pin cables could also be helpful as well.

Originally posted by PaRaDoX

Hold on a second !

what if one of the hard drives are attched to the Primary IDE/ATA controller? Then how are you going to boot up? [/B]
NP here. But, once you do it, you must reboot without trying anything else. The OS ‘keeps’ the controller in place until the kernel releases all services. As Windows enumerates it reloads all necessary drivers.

I use winxp and i have checked ALL PROFILES so that they are burning at 40x. I know it is not my burner because it Nero, everything burns really quickly!
Clonecd runs really slow for some reason. is there an incompatibility with clonecd and my burner?

Originally posted by nismohks
…is there an incompatibility with clonecd and my burner?
No. It’s something else. Have you stepped thru the FAQ and the Down & Dirty posts?

Yeah i have, but not really helpful. Guess i will just have to wait for new firmware or patch then

I have tested the 40/12/40 burner in 98SE, W2K & XP Pro: it works fine with CloneCD. I don’t see why the 40/12/48 shouldn’t work…same controller (tweaked for 48x CD-ROM) and chipset and all.

hmm…are you sure about same model? because my one is Aussie version, and has 2 lights on the front, so it is not a LiteOn model. i dunno, but it is just that my burn times are slower than in Nero by like 1-2 mins. O well i might wait for a new clonecd patch and then hope for the best! Thanx anyway though your help was appreciated!