My 3540 is jacked up?!?!?!



With 1.01 firmware (stock), I got roughly the same errors. I reburned a lot of stuff on 1.01 using 6x simulate + write and I still go thte same. Then I tried 4x.

I finally switched to 1.09 that is on this forum and looky =(

I know this is not all of it, but I lost my old screenies after my OS crashed. But the PI errors avg around 140!!! =((((((((((((

Is my burner just messedup?


i think its more likely to be the media… im not very good with codes… can you tell me what it says on the disk…


Memorex DVD-R… 8x rated… Then you’re telling me my whole spindle sucks? Cuz I’ve burned about 10 DVDs and tested them out like this


Memorex dvd media $uck$, that’s for sure.

Just try with decent media.


NEC drives have a magnifying effect on PIE
just look at PIF
it not all that bad with CMC code


Yea but everyone else’s screens I see with their 3540s show like 8 PIE avg or something… not 80 =(

That said I havent seen any problems with the stuff I burn…


Oh? I don’t think so. You may get 8 PIE average with premium-top-notch media only, like YUDEN000 T02, maybe wuth MCC004, but that’s about it.

philipshu has it right about NEC PIE (magnifying) , but also not all units scan the same, and sometimes you have to scan @12X or @8X, yes I know the “official” speed is 5X but not all units “like” this scanning speed, my unit “likes” 12X much better. :confused:

I also think that this is a good scan for average CMC media. You drive is not to blame here, try better media and you’ll see better PIE levels. But this scan above is nothing to worry about IMO.


the disc is well below the max spec for dvd. it has excellent PIFailures. i would do a TRT (transfer rate test) and also try it in a dvd player if it is video i am sure it will play fine for you