My 3520A after flash was down><|



My 3520A when i flash 1Uc firmware,it display “Check sum error”
Then the LED of 3520 was alight~
Then i want to flash 1Uc again but it can’t.
How can i do now><||
Please help me><


In dos can’t flash too><|
display “checksum error” too><|
Who can help me><


Move the ND-3520 to secondary master and your harddisc to Primary Master and try again.
Windows can still see the drive so you should be able to flash it. Also, use Microsofts default IDE drivers before attempting to flash.


The windows can’t see~
Juse Nero InfoTool can see><|
What is the problem on "checksum error’?
(p.s.I will try your suggest~~^^)


Try re-downloading the firmware again. Did you get this error when flashing with Binflash?
Either your firmware file is not OK or you have a driver or an external enclosure that prevents sending the checksum to your drive I guess.


> Did you get this error when flashing with Binflash?
But i try the old more file(e.g.1U8)can’t flash too~
All file was display “checksum eror”


Binflash only can see the drive in windows safe-mode
I re-download the file can’t flash too><|

Binflash display that…


Now it only can read cd under the windows(A normal cd-rom)
(But can’t cd boot><|)
I try flash many Firmware all dispay “could not submit checksum”
(Dos and windows too.)
(Binflash only can see the drive in windows safe-mode.)
Who can help me><~~~~~~~~~~~


I try toflash 1U8 after re-setup windows~
It ok now~~^^


Thats good news.
You should now be able to flash your drive with any firmware you wish.


I flash 1UB now~
I still afraid to flash 1UC= =|
But i think i will flash 1UD~


I think we should name the next firmware 1.UE :bigsmile:


Yepp and try some new firmware with bitsetting from mad dog:)Maybe soon:)


>I think we should name the next firmware 1.UE
= =|||||||||||
I will flash the 3520A firmware come behind 1UC~!
>mad dogMaybe soon
What do you mean…?
I am not understand><|
(My english not very good>///<)


We’ll first have to wait for MadDog to release their firmware. But usually they are fast in releasing their firmwares.