My 3520. Burns start at 4x, then 6x and finally 8x. Why?

Any idea why burns on my 3520 take around 10 mins? This is for on-the-fly or hard disk burns. They start at 4x, move to 6x after a couple of minutes and then up to 8x a bit later again. (used tip from here so Nero shows real write speed instead of selected one…)
It’s master drive on 2nd IDE channel and DMA mode is 2.
I’m using proper branded Ritek G05 disks 8x.
In Nero, my Pioneer 108 lists the discs and burns them great at 12x.
I’m using firmware 1.F3 from here.


it’s normal for writers to write like that all writers only burn at full speed nearer the end of the disc

It´s typical NEC´s write strategy ACTOPC. Everythink is OK. I am sure that is benefit of new NEC DVD writers :stuck_out_tongue:

have no answer as to why but my 3520 does same thing.
when using roxio disc copier it goes from 4.1 to 6 (at %40-45 level)
then around %65 it goes to 8.3.
when using DVD Builder it starts at 4, goes to 6 and towards last %30-40 of burn it fluctuates between7-8.
This is using TDK x8 DVD+R (moser baer media)

on my Maxell x8 DVD-R it starts at 8-9 and goes to 14-15 (when put on X8 setting)

Yep thats normal for the NEC’s 8x burning strategy. With the better media like TY 8x DVD+R you can burn all the way up to 16x, but thats always the max speed at the end of the disc - it always starts out slower.

It’s kind of like a automatic transmixer on a car, shifts several times to get in high gear. I have an old 1950 Buick Dynaflo that stays in the same gear from start to finish.(WOPC) disabled, LOL.

I thought it was because the drive has a mind of its own.

If I were you, I’d be worried about how many PIF errors are cropping up in your transmission :slight_smile: